White Widow Grow Set

White Widow Cannabis Seeds

Complete Grow Set Special Offer

All You Need – The Complete White Widow Cannabis Seeds Grow Set

Start growing White Widow Cannabis seeds today with this complete set of Cannabis nutrients, Plant protectors and 20 Feminized White Widow Cannabis seeds, all for the special discount price of just $169.00!

Whether you are new to growing Cannabis, or a more experienced grower, this White Widow Cannabis Seeds Grow Set is the perfect way to grow your own premium quality Cannabis.

  • Receive 20 hand picked feminized White Widow Cannabis seeds, all guaranteed to germinate.

  • A complete set of nutrients, enough to grow, flower and pack the weight onto all of your White Widow Cannabis Seeds

  • A set of 3 Plant Protector formula’s, designed to protect, aid and eradicate any potential bugs or diseases.

  • Complete instructions on how much to water and feed your White Widow Cannabis seeds, and when.

  • Access to the complete Marijuana Grow Bible written by Robert Bergman

White Widow Cannabis seeds produce some of the finest Cannabis buds. Stable and uniform, these feminized seeds are guaranteed to germinate and grow, producing an average harvest of between 400-500 grams per square meter, and given the right conditions, White Widow Cannabis seeds can be grown both indoors or outside during the growing season.

One of the easiest Cannabis strains to grow, White Widow is forgiving of many mistakes, making it the perfect choice for new Cannabis growers. By using the complete nutrient set, and plant protectors supplied in the White Widow Cannabis seeds Grow Set you will soon be harvesting your own high quality buds.



All the information you will need is supplied with the White Widow Cannabis Seeds Grow Set, from how to correctly germinate the seeds, how to maximize growth during the vegetative stage, and most importantly, how to grow the biggest buds with more weight and THC crystals than you thought possible.

┬áThere are several problems that growers can have when growing Cannabis both indoors or outside. Bugs and spider-mites can slow down growth, attack the buds and ruin a crop in a matter of days. Mold can develop in the buds, rotting them from the inside out, unnoticed until it’s too late, and bacteria can build-up around the roots, slowly rotting them, reducing the uptake of the nutrients needed to achieve a successful harvest.

All of these problems can easily be avoided by following the instructions supplied in the White Widow Cannabis Seeds Grow Set and by using each of the Plant Protection formula’s when necessary. These formula’s are not only to cure any problems that may be developing, they also help prevent the problem from occurring. Guaranteeing you a successful harvest of White Widow Cannabis buds.

The White Widow Cannabis Seeds Grow Set


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