Which Marijuana Seeds?


Discover Where To Get Marijuana Seeds.

Discover The Best Marijuana Seeds To The USA, Canada and Europe Here.
Discover The Best Marijuana Seeds To The USA, Canada and Europe Here.


With the current relaxing of the prohibition of medical Marijuana, many American’s are now able to buy Marijuana Seeds, grow and harvest the product for their self-medicating needs. Currently 19 States have relaxed their laws, and the hope is that more will follow.

Allowing the purchase and subsequent growing of Marijuana Seeds, allows the Marijuana grower more freedom to select the very best Marijuana Seeds for their garden, whether indoor, or as outdoor plants.


Where To Get Marijuana Seeds.


Knowing where to get Marijuana Seeds that are the genuine article is often the next problem that many growers face. There are several very good Marijuana Seeds websites, although many do not ship direct to America. For Marijuana Seeds to the USA, we suggest you visit VegPage, they have access to over 1,000 different Marijuana Seeds from all of the worlds best and highest regarded Marijuana Seed Companies.

VegPage provides direct access to one of the oldest and most established Marijuana and Cannabis Seed distributors, The Original Sensible Seed Company. It is through this partnership that the question of where to get Marijuana Seeds shipped direct to the USA can be solved. Simply visit their website, pick the breeder or seeds you wish to learn more about, and click.

Upon deciding which Marijuana Seeds are best suited to your needs, payment is simple. With one of the most secure online purchase systems available, buying your Marijuana Seeds through VegPage offers choice, security and the assurance that the Marijuana Seeds you select are the seeds you receive, no cheap imitations, no substitutes, accept only the very best genuine quality Marijuana Seeds, visit VegPage by clicking below.


Marijuana Seeds.


There are currently three forms of Cannabis and Marijuana Seeds, here is a brief explanation of each.


Regular Marijuana Seeds.

Regular Marijuana Seeds were once the only available form of Marijuana Seeds, producing both male and female versions of the selected Marijuana strain. For many people this gave them the opportunity to experiment and cross two different strains, creating new, unique tastes and highs. These original Marijuana Seeds for sale inspired a generation to create some of the wonderful varieties we enjoy today. However, for the more commercial growers, Regular Marijuana Seeds presented a problem.

In most cases, the average ratio of female Marijuana plants to males is an even 50/50, for the commercial grower this meant that approximately half the plants they had nurtured were of no use to them at all, and they would not know which were male plants until the onset of flowering. For the maximization of profit, a better Marijuana Seed had to be produced, one that guaranteed to be female and return a harvest for the grower. If you would like to learn more about these seeds click here……Regular Marijuana Seeds


Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

During the 1980’s changes were taking place both in the Amsterdam Coffee Shops, and with Marijuana Seed development. Nederweed was becoming the popular choice, replacing the Thai Weed and Jamaican Sativa’s, and many of these new exciting strains such as Northern Lights, White Widow, OG Kush and the original Skunk No#1 were being made available as Feminized Marijuana Seeds, guaranteeing to produce female only plants. Over the last three decades, Feminized Marijuana Seeds have become the industry standard for the modern indoor Marijuana grower.

One of the most popular choices of Feminized Marijuana Seeds are White Widow, available from many breeders who have incorporated it into their own collections, White Widow has proven over the last 30 years to be the most stable and consistent feminized strain, reproducing identical Marijuana plants time after time. For more information click here…...Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds.

As the market for Feminized Marijuana Seeds grew, so did the desire to produce the fastest maturing Marijuana, often commercial growers would look for fast Indica strains, such as Skunk No#1, often referred to as ‘The Cheese’ made famous by Big Buddha Seeds. These Marijuana Seeds provided the grower with plants that would mature between 7-8 weeks after the inducement of flowering, however they still required approximately a week in pre-flower, together with a few weeks of vegative growth, bringing the total time period to approximately 3 months.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds require no changing of the photo period, or hours of light to begin flowering, these Marijuana Seeds begin to flower after they have developed their third set of leaves, approximately two weeks old. From here they grow and flower in harmony, resulting in a fully mature Marijuana plant often with the 8 weeks needed just to flower feminized Marijuana seeds. There is now a wide and varied collection of Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds available, almost all of the best strains have been incorporated and introduced. You can learn more by clicking here…………Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Marijuana Seeds are available from a wide assortment of specialized breeders, learn more by visiting VegPage the N0#1 supplier of high quality, genuine Marijuana Seeds to the USA by clicking below.


Marijuana Seeds

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