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With so much choice of Feminized Marijuana seeds available online, it can sometimes be a little difficult to decide on which strain is right for you. We have a large selection of Cannabis seeds from many of the best breeders in the world, including Sensi Seeds, Barney’s Farm and Big Buddha. So what are Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Feminized Cannabis Seeds are potentially one of the greatest achievements in the from the Cannabis seed banks. Feminized Cannabis seeds produce all female plants, thus eliminating the need to identify and remove males before they have a chance to pollinate the females.

Feminized Marijuana seeds are produced from a selected female that has been put through climate stress, this forces the plant to show male flowers. The pollen is then collected and used to pollinate the existing female flowers in order to produce seeds without the male chromosone. These feminized Cannabis seeds will in turn, only produce female or hermaphrodite plants and not males as Regular cannabis seeds do.

Luckily the female to hermaphrodite ratio is much higher than the ratio of females to males from regular, non-feminized Cannabis seeds. Initially the female to hermaphrodite ratio was around 80% compared to a 50/50 split of males to females obtained from regular Cannabis seeds.

As the Marijuana seed producers have seen the demand for feminized Marijuana seeds grow, so in turn has the quality. Where once it was normal to check flowering plants for rogue males, it has now become more unlikely to find any.

Feminization is is not a difficult challenge however, perfecting the art may take many years it is also true that some Cannabis strains do not work very well as feminized seeds, as they produce far too many hermaphrodite plants to be commercially viable, and so therefore these strains are only available as Regular Marijuana seeds.

With it’s low quantities of hermaphrodites, the White Widow Cannabis strain became one of the best plants to produce feminized Cannabis seeds. Nevertheless, if you subject your plants to large amounts of environmental stress, then you should be aware that feminized Marijuana seeds, can produce odd, rogue male flowers which will start to appear and grow on your female plants. The best way to avoid this happening is to maintain a stable environment in which to grow your plants.

There are many advantages in growing feminized Marijuana seeds, such as outdoor growing in remote locations, which now does not need watching for male plants. With feminized Cannabis seeds an indoor grower can achieve a better yield as every Marijuana seed planted will result in a female plant, compared with regular Marijuana seeds, where you may lose around 50 per-cent of your garden when sexing the plants and removing any males. Feminized Marijuana] seeds will ensure that every seed you plant, and lovingly tend will return a bountiful harvest of Cannabis buds.

Feminised Marijuana Seeds may be that little bit more expensive, but the return in Marijuana bud more than makes up for that. Learn more about Growing Marijuana Seeds at the Cannabis Report.

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