Where Can I Buy Exodus Cheese Seeds

Why Can’t I Buy Real Exodus Cheese Seeds?


To some people the name Cheese Seeds is a paradox, to other people it is just a title. It all is dependent upon whether or not you understand the background of Cheese Seeds, as to whether or not you know that there cannot be any Exodus Cheese Seeds, read much more and understand the history of both “The Cheese” and Exodus Cheese Seeds.

Currently the United Kingdom is creating approximately 90 % of it’s own Cannabis use, in contrast to 20 years ago when almost all Cannabis was imported, both as weed, and as cannabis resin. A complete generation of Cannabis smokers have grown up smoking Cheese Weed, and many think that the aroma and taste produced from Cheese Cannabis, IS the scent of Cannabis. This is because of England’s love affair with”The Cheese” which, in part is down to a Cannabis collective, a group of Marijuana growers based in and about Luton and the South of England, recognized as the Exodus Collective.

With the establishment of the new Skunk strains at the end of the 1980’s, a new type of Cannabis became popular in the Amsterdam Coffee-Shops. Skunk, Northern Lights, White Widow all were developed about this time and quickly grew to become well-liked with both the residence and the vacationers.

One such tourist returned to the United kingdom with a packet of Normal Sensi Seeds Bank Skunk#1 Seeds, and after germinating, sexing and harvesting the seeds, realized that one Skunk#1 seed created a superior Marijuana plant, with a unique taste and aroma compared to the other plants.

Clones had been produced prior to flowering, and these had been dispersed inside a tight circle of growers. Over time the strain spread out as more people purchased and obtained these clones, advancing the complete yield and availability of this particular strain.

Demand for this weed was huge. Once smoked it was never forgotten, and quickly people were asking for Cheese Weed. Around this time a collective of growers and advocaters for the use and legalization of Cannabis known as the Exodus Collective began to develop the strain, once more distributing it about its membership.

Several years had past by now, and word of this rogue Skunk#1 strain had spread all the way back to Amsterdam, with Home Grown Fantaseeds becoming 1 of the initial Coffee-Shops to develop the clones and sell the buds on a commercial level, taking 3rd prize in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2004. This was beaten a few years later on when Big Buddha Cheese was awarded the top honors.

Big Buddha Cheese is a hybrid cross formed using the authentic Exodus female clone and a strong Afghani male. Therefore, even though it is a extremely appealing strain, and extremely potent, it is not a true Exodus Cheese. Neither are Green House Seeds Exodus Cheese Seeds, that is known as Exodus purely for the commercial worth that the name holds, which is a bit of a cheap shot from the self acclaimed King of Cannabis, Arjan Green House Seeds.

Exodus Cheese exists purely in clone form, and numerous individuals hold this strain close. Others who develop Cheese Seeds from trustworthy breeders such as Big Buddha, Kaliman Seeds, Royal Dutch Genetics and Dinafem Seeds are obtaining very good and high quality Cannabis Seeds, nevertheless as we have explained, these are not Exodus Cheese Seeds.

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