What Is OG Kush

OG Kush

OG Kush Seeds create some of the best Indica Medical Quality Marijuana available and is widely utilized in the manufacturing of new strains, as well as a wide range and selection of established and popular Marijuana and Cannabis Seeds. Ever well-liked in The united states, and sold at almost all of the licensed Healthcare Marijuana Dispensaries, OG Kush Seeds are always extremely sought after for the high quality and stable Marijuana plants they turn into.

Initially Kush Marijuana came from the Hindu Kush mountains, but throughout the 1970’s some of these Kush Seeds made there way to the United States of America where they were developed and cultivated as an alternative to the Sativa Land-race strains which had been more readily accessible at the time.

As these male and feminine Kush plants have been bred with each other, new strains have been made, and new names came about to determine the strains and seeds available. There is a difference of opinion as to how OG Kush Seeds got their name. Some say it stands for Original Gangsta Kush, whilst others are adamant it is derived from the phrases Ocean Grown Kush. Which is correct and which 1 is incorrect, i don’t know, nevertheless, i do know that OG Kush Seeds grow some of the best Marijuana buds for both Medical and recreational use available, and are always highly sought after.

Grow OG Kush Seeds Indoors

OG Kush Seeds are perfect for indoor Marijuana growers, producing high quality buds in a fairly short space of time, between 8-nine weeks on average. There are several various types of OG Kush Seeds accessible, from a number of revered and well renowned Seed Banks, any of which will create a top quality Kush Marijuana plant.

1 of the main factors that OG Kush Seeds are grown indoors by numerous commercial gardeners is due to their bush-like structure, like numerous Indica Marijuana and Cannabis strains, OG Kush Seeds develop strong branches and stay squat and bushy. These features help to maximize the yield in any growing space as the plants stretch outwards, rather than just upwards in the traditional Sativa shape.

As much more Marijuana growers started to develop these shorter Indica Kush plants indoors, much better equipment and methods have been developed to increase the yields. Specialized High Pressure Sodium lights have been developed, together with light reflecting mylar and hydroponic methods, all developed to assist you achieve the very best development from your selected Indoor Marijuana and OG Kush Seeds.

Developed indoors, OG Kush Seeds can be planted in soil, or in a hydroponic system, and are pretty easy to grow. Newbies can anticipate great yields and high quality by simply following a few basic growing tips, which we have provided in our Growing OG Kush Seeds Guide. Where as the more experienced grower can expect four hundred-five hundred grams for each sq. meter when employing super-cropping methods.

Buy OG Kush Seeds

You can buy OG Kush Seeds on-line and have them sent to you anywhere in Europe, The United States of America or Canada from The Original Sensible Seeds Company, 1 of the oldest and most trustworthy distributor of genuine OG Kush Seeds to the United states.

Offering free high quality Marijuana Seeds with every order, and Single Seed as well as discounted bulk buys of OG Kush Seeds accessible, The Original Seeds Company is 1 of the very best online Cannabis and Marijuana Seeds distribution companies.

Select from more than 2,000 different seeds and strains from all the well recognized Seed Banks including American, English, Dutch and Spanish Marijuana Seed producers, as well as the greatest choice of OG Kush Seeds accessible. Click and learn more about .

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