What Is Hydroponics?

What Is Hydroponics?

If you are asking “What Is Hydroponics?”, than you’ve come to the right place. Hydroponics is, or are, specially refined systems for growing plants using hydro, or water, as their base. Because plants need water like fire needs air, its the essential element to help the plant grow to its greatest ability. Because hydroponics concentrates on maintaining a continuous supply of water to the plant, it never runs out of the water element which is so integral to its growth. The water allows absorption of the nutrients of the sun, from the soil, and from the air.

Hydroponics systems use special elements to oxygenate the water, and deliver that into the soil keeping it wet and fresh. The soil can then allow its nutrients to bind into the roots of the plant, and the plant cannot take nutrients water and air that adoptable rate. Combine this with the latest LED grow lights, and you get an environment that is almost perfectly suitable to growing. I say almost perfect, because regulation of the climate by using a grow tent or a stealth Hydro box will finalize a perfect growing environment for your plant in a hydroponic environment.

There is really no better way to grow plants indoors or outdoors for that matter, then a hydroponic solution.


What Is Hydroponics?

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