Weed Tents

Weed Tents

Weed Tents standard

Weed Tents standard

Weed tents are otherwise known as grow tents or grow boxes if they have a hard, sealed enclosure. A weed tent is best used for home growing of plants, and are commercially designed to grow hydroponics. They consist of a heavy fabric to seal in the light and aromas of plants, usually black on the outside to give a stealthy, nondescript appearance. On the inside are reflective fabrics to encapsulate the bright growing lights & heat to ensure there is no danger of fire if a hot light is used.

The design is to create a climate that is the best for growing quickest and easiest of the biggest and best plants. They are made to be placed anywhere and not noticed, even in a living or bedroom, closet, loft shed or garage. The enclose usually with a zipper & velcro or other seal that makes a completely stealthy environment that grows powerful plants.

The fabric is thermal, non-toxic, waterproof, vented, reflective inside and dark outside, all specially designed to make the best grow experience possible. If you’ve never used a grow tent, you and your plants are missing out!

Weed Tents

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