Vaporizer Arizer Solo

Arizer Solo

Note about the mouthpiece: If you’re having trouble fitting the mouthpiece in the socket, try pressing more firmly. If you let the vaporizer heat up first this becomes easier.

Arizer is a well-respected brand in the world of vaporizers, known for its high quality.

The long-awaited Arizer Solo is a portable vaporizer that works on a powerful and rechargeable lithium battery. It has a high quality multi-purpose ceramic heater that can be used for tobacco, dried flowers, herbs and even resin, something that most other portable vaporizers cannot do.

The Solo Vaporizer is approximately 11 cm high and fits nicely into the palm of your hand. Unlike other portable vaporizers, the Solo wasn’t made with discreet use in mind, but rather it was designed to impress. And impress it does, with the borosilicate glass bowl, its fast-heating ceramic heater that won’t make you wait longer than 2 minutes and the variable temperature control with 7 temperature settings all the way up to 210°C.

The internal lithium battery lasts between 3 to 4 hours depending on settings used. The total recharge time is about 4 hours, during which the vaporizer can’t be used but on the bright side you won’t be dealing with expensive gas and the oft cumbersome refilling process.

All in all we believe the innovative Arizer Solo marks another great advancement in the vaporizer industry. If you’re looking for a great portable vape – you can’t go wrong with the Solo!

2 year warranty

Arizer Solo Vaporizer usage

The dish or diffuser can be used depending on materials. Fill dish or lightly pack material in diffuser, set to desired setting and insert in heater. The LED shows 7 temperature settings, simply select the temperate with the arrow buttons and within 2 minutes you’ll enjoy a high-quality, smooth vape.

The vaporizer can be used for more than just aromatic herbs. You can heat resin, essential oils, incense or dried flowers (potpourri). To vapourize essential oils, place a small drop on a piece of cotton baton and insert the cotton in the diffuser tube.

The heater automatically switches off after 12 minutes to conserve battery power.

Regular cleaning of the dish and diffusing tubes is recommended for optimum operation.

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