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Are you considering taking advantage of the changing laws and buying USA Cannabis seeds to produce your own supply of fresh, high quality cannabis buds this year? We offer an outstanding selection of the finest strains, each guaranteed to produce the strongest, most vibrant plants and create the highest quality buds. Whether you choose to grow indoors, or outside there are cannabis seeds and strains that can adapt to either growing method and a variety of experience levels. Find out more and discover which USA cannabis seeds are right for you.

While many states across the USA, now allow their registered medical cannabis and marijuana patients to plant and grow a limited number of plants, many other states do not, and we advice becoming a registered medical marijuana and cannabis patient wherever possible. Qualifying and registering in many states is easy, and if it isn’t, the chances are the laws prohibit growing cannabis seeds within it’s boundaries anyway. Some states such as California and Colorado have legalized the both the medical and recreational use of cannabis and marijuana, both in edible and it’s more natural bud form, although these states also have strict limitations on the number of cannabis plants you can cultivate and grow.

Once you have checked your state laws and are fully aware of any risks involved, you can decide whether growing your USA cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors suits your style and level of experience best. Both indoor and outdoor growing methods have there advantages, as well as disadvantages. Consider each method carefully before you decide.

USA Cannabis Seeds – Indoor Vs Outdoor.

Guerrilla Growing USA Cannabis Seeds

Growing USA Cannabis Seeds Indoors.

For many growers in northern parts of the USA, growing indoors is the only viable option. Although states like Washington and Alaska do have Summer months and a growing season, it’s too short to grow many of the strains available to complete maturity before the weather becomes too cold and damp, producing perfect bud rot conditions. Growing enough cannabis outdoors in these states is difficult, and so many growers resort to indoor growing methods to provide the best conditions for their plants.

Growing USA cannabis seeds indoors is always going to be far more expensive than outdoor growing. The initial investment can be quite substantial, and relative to the size of the growing area you wish to plant. On average, a good 600 watt lamp will provide enough direct light to cover between 1-1.5 meter square, so if your area is larger, it will require extra, or more powerful lighting. Air quality and movement are essential for good growth and a healthy environment. Both intake and extraction fans are usually fitted into the growing area to supply and remove the air, with a carbon filter attached to the extraction to help reduce any growing smells and odors.

Once constructed, your growing area or room can be filled with your chosen USA cannabis seeds and plants, and used all year long to produce an abundant supply of home-grown buds. Although your power consumption costs will increase, the amount of cannabis buds your area can produce on a regular basis, will far outweigh these outgoings, especially if you previously bought your buds from a dispensary or unlicensed seller.

It is often said that USA cannabis seeds grown indoors produce the highest quality buds, and this is true in general. Growing indoors allows for a greater degree of control over the plants environment, and the greater the control the better the harvest, both in terms of quality and weight. Creating the perfect climate for the plants by maintaining a level temperature, reducing the humidity and increasing the CO2 content, can all have a positive effect on the plants growth and subsequent bud production. Bugs and pests can also be eliminated and prevented far easier when the plants are indoors, as well as not having to rely on nature to provide the necessary hours of sunlight and darkness at the appropriate times.

Growing USA Cannabis Seeds Outdoors.

Growing Cannabis Seeds In USA

Growing Cannabis Seeds In USA

Although the southern based states enjoy the best weather and warmest climate, almost all, bar the one’s furthest north, enjoy a long enough growing season to cultivate USA cannabis seeds outdoors. Planting outdoors is often considered more natural, although modern technology and equipment has helped indoor grown cannabis seeds produce superior buds and better quality overall. For many growers, planting USA cannabis seeds outdoors is the start of their hobby, costing little to begin, and with the potential of producing large amounts of buds upon harvest.

Many registered medical cannabis patients are legally able to grow a limited number of cannabis plants in both vegetative and flowering stages of development. The laws differ from state to state, check the laws for your area before you begin. Originally growing and cultivating cannabis seeds outdoors in the USA was a season long project, spanning germinating and planting in the Spring, through to harvesting during the end of Summer and early Fall. For many growers, especially one’s looking to produce their first harvests, this time-scale can be too long, and selecting autoflowering seeds to grow outdoors can often produce very easy and surprizing harvests.

It can often be a cannabis growers dream to cultivate a plant the size of a tree with huge harvests of the largest buds possible, and this can only really be achieved outdoors due to the space, height and general health of the plant. Outdoor grown Sativa dominant plants can reach incredible heights, often over two meters tall and with strong and lengthy side branches. Sativa strains are well known for their large ‘running’ buds and cola’s and are easily capable of producing extremely large harvests.

Indica cannabis seeds planted outdoors react in a slightly different way, forming more of a bush than ‘tree-like’ structure. The plants are much more hardy and able to withstand lower temperatures than Sativa dominant seeds with a faster flowering time, averaging approximately eight weeks to reach peak maturity. In general, the further north you live, the shorter the growing season and more emphasis that should be placed on Indica dominant strains and USA Cannabis seeds.

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