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USA AK 47 Seeds


AK 47 Seeds


One of the most awarded Cannabis and Marijuana strains, forming the foundations of countless future seeds, AK 47 is uniform, quick to grow and mature and packs a hard-hitting punch. It’s blend of 35% Indica with 56% Sativa genetics creates a unique combination that is both highly prized and sought after.

This is one of the easiest Sativa dominant hybrid Marijuana seeds a person could germinate and grow, an ideal seed for the novice grower, as well as being easy to perfected for the more seasoned grower.

This strain loves growing indoors, and, given the right conditions, it will flourish into one of the smallest and most compact Sativa dominant marijuana seeds available.

For a Sativa Marijuana strain, AK 47 seeds is very fast to mature, needing just eight weeks, or just 64 days to reach its optimum potential. The plant produces an abundance of tightly compacted buds with a skunk and pine taste and aroma.

Don’t be concerned by the reduced size of this cannabis plant, grown in sea of green SOG or screen of green SCROG styles, and fully mature, yields can achieve up to five hundred (500) grams per square meter, with good environmental conditions.

Harvests can be about 500 grams per square meter, with the plants fully mature, with mature plants reaching between 50 cm – 80 cm are normal for our USA AK 47 cannabis seeds.


USA AK 47 Seeds – Award Winner


AK 47 is famous for it’s long-lasting cerebral euphoric high that is relaxing but stimulating, mellow and creative, perfect when socializing and quiet moments of relaxation. THC levels are approximately twenty percent, added with medium CBD levels, AK 47 may have a positive effect against stress and anxiety, migraines and PMS.

AK 47 SeedsAK 47 Cannabis is a highly awarded collaboration of a variety of marijuana types, and so it should be, during flowering the plant produces the most favored traits and characteristics of both Sativa and Indica strains. Did you know that AK 47 marijuana is the only type of seeds that have earned awards for best Sativa and best Indica.

One of the common issues that many growers should remember is the need for fresh circulation of the air when you are growing AK 47 Marijuana seeds, and essential to indoor growers. abundantly endowed resinous cannabis buds may at times potentially be the victim of mold when grown in a warm, stagnant environment.

Seasoned growers also recommend maintaining a relatively cool environment less than 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 22 degrees Celsius during the flowering phase to create dense and compact buds. AK 47 seeds intense aroma as well as the plants sensitivity to growing conditions including correct air flow and a greater control of the temperature encourage a lot of growers to grow her as an indoor plant.

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