Understanding Kush Seeds and Strains

Kush Seeds

If you go online and search about cannabis, you will find that there are numerous cannabis seed strains available today. With such a vast choice available, it can sometimes be difficult to select the best Marijuana or Cannabis seeds for your needs.

To assist you in selecting the correct varieties of seeds, here are the three varieties that all Kush Seeds fall into, and a brief description of each category.

Feminized Kush seeds

Feminized Kush seeds are called also known as female only Kush Seeds as they are 99.9% guaranteed to produce only female Kush Marijuana plants. As they produce more female plants per packet than regular Kush Seeds, many gardeners, especially those growing indoors, prefer to buy feminized Kush seeds to maximize their crop and ultimately the yield. They require a degree of care, as harsh conditions can lead to various problems, including inducing the Kush plants to become hermaphrodites.

As they have been modified to become female only plants, the feminized varieties are sometimes slightly more expensive.

Regular Kush seeds

There are many cannabis seed types that fall under this category. These natural or Land-Race Kush strains are often used by larger scale, outdoor operations to produce seeds for the following years crop. When buying these seeds, expect to grow Marijuana plants that do not really possess any characteristics that are out of the ordinary. They are basically just regular, just as their name implies.

However, do not think that they are of bad quality or that they are not as good as the other strains. Regular cannabis seed strains are still capable of providing high quality yield, and they simple are not genetically engineered or cross bred like the other types of strains.

Autoflowering Kush Seeds

Through selective breeding between original Kush Indica Marijuana plants and the wild version known as Ruderalis, it is now possible to buy Autoflowering Kush seeds. The primary advantage of these Kush seeds is that they often all outdoor gardeners the opportunity to grow high quality Kush seeds regardless of the number of daylight hours they experience. Due to the genetics of the Ruderalis genes, these seeds are capable of growing and flowering in almost any conditions.

Over the last ten years a lot of work and investment has gone into producing Autoflowering Seeds. For that reason you may feel they are a little expensive.

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Kush Seeds

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