Tips For Cannabis Seed Germination

When your Marijuana seeds have been delivered it is possible that the seeds will not germinate. There are a number of reasons that can lead to this, from the season that you decide to plant in to poor weather conditions. In order to guarantee that the Cannabis seeds do germinate, read the following instructions.

Soaking The Seeds to Help Germination.

For one, it is possible to speed up the germination rate as well as eliminate any infectious agents by using this technique. Soak the Cannabis Seeds for approximately twelve hours in a hydrogen peroxide or some type of compost tea solution. Then, after you have placed the seeds into the planting soil of your choice, water them with a solution of .5% hydrogen peroxide. It is important at this stage to remember that whichever potting medium you use it needs to remain moist. This can easily be achieved by simply placing a dome over the top of your seeds to keep the humidity inside the dome higher. Care should be taken to place your seeds out of direct sunlight, and that the seeds remain at a temperature of around 72 degrees. The amount of time it can take for seeds to germinate will vary and could depend on their maturity and age. The average amount of time it takes for Cannabis seeds to germinate can vary between 2 to 10 days.

Germination For Outdoor Growing.

If you select to plant the Marijuana plants outdoors, it is important to plant your seeds in the same season that regular farmers are planting seeds in your local vicinity. both Marijuana and Cannabis  seeds should be planted  ¼ inch deep into the soil. Early on, your Cannabis seeds will require protecting from other weeds and plants, however, due to the fact that Marijuana and Cannabis is also a weed, once the Cannabis plants have developed and grown a little, they will take over any other plants in the area they are planted.

Using Female Seeds.

A common question that gardeners unfamiliar to growing Marijuana or Cannabis may ask is do feminized seeds work? The answer is yes, they seeds can be just as effective as regular seeds. Feminized Cannabis seeds are created when the male flowers are introduced to female Cannabis plants using a chemical application.When the correct procedure is not employed, it is possible, for plants to turn hermaphroditic and the seeds produced will not germinate. This is typically and is often due to the process used in trying to make feminized Cannabis seeds. If you are buy your Cannabis or Marijuana seeds from a commercial Cannabis seed company, it is wise to be sure you’re acquiring your seeds from a company with a good reputation. Search on the internet  for the company that you are to be buying your seeds from, try to find any comments or reviews about that seed company.

Start with Healthy Marijuana Seeds

The main point you need to be sure that the Marijuana seeds you select to germinate is to use only healthy seeds. It does not matter whether you are purchasing from a commercial Cannabis seed supplier or have cultivated your own seeds, make sure that the seeds you are planting are healthy. Cracked or damaged seeds are likely to be damaged,  and it is these Marijuana Seeds that may not germinate.

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