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OG Kush Strains

OG Kush Seeds are now available in a large number of different varieties, all highly sought after and unique. Even though many Kush Marijuana strains are popular around the world, it’s in the USA where it is most popular, forming a large section of many Medical Marijuana collections. For American, high quality OG Kush strains, two companies with shared parentage spring to mind, Reserva Privada and DNA Genetics. Supplying some of the most popular strains of OG Kush, Here is a review of the most popular OG Kush seeds and strains from the very best and highest awarded Marijuana Seed producers.

OG Kush Seeds Available at VegPage Now.

OG Kush Seeds Available at VegPage Now.

Accept no imitations is the message that Reserva Privada send out with the Original OG Kush Seeds. A legend of the very best quality, Reserva Privada OG Kush is the most popular choice of the seasoned Marijuana smoker. With high yields of about 400-500 grams per square meter, added to a flowering period of eight-nine weeks, making this one of the most popular and sought after strains of pure Marijuana available. With its parentage containing the highly regarded Chemdog ’91 strain, the Reserva Privada OG Kush was originally only offered in a clone form. However, original and genuine Reserva Privada OG Kush seeds are now available in either feminized 6 seed packets, and regular 13 seed packets. They may appear a little bit stretchy as it grows, however it fattens up in the later stages of maturing, producing the general growing style and traits of this OG Kush strain, producing compact, hard THC covered buds as she nears maturity. A super strain for enhanced super crop techniques, returning a High quality product with reasonable to good yields that offers an active high when consumed or inhaled. A more than worthy champion High Times Cannabis Cup winner, as well as being a highly desired Marijuana strain.

DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada are both West Coast of America Marijuana Seed breeders who hold large collections of OG Kush Seeds. With a variety of seeds, from the original OG Kush to a collection of poular, high quality hybrids, each supplying a variation on the taste, quality and aroma while maintaining the very best qualities. Both DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada supply many of their Marijuana seeds as either Feminized 6 seed packets and 13 Regular Marijuana seed packs, giving you with one extra free feminized Marijuana seed, and 3 free Regular Marijuana Seeds for the advertised price instead of the customary 5 and 10 Marijuana Seed packets supplied.For a lot of Marijuana growers and smokers Purple Kush supplies the ultimate blends of the ultimate OG Kush features, while offering its unique and subtle variation on its initial parents. If you are looking for the Best Purple Kush Marijuana seeds, the Granddaddy Purple Genetics team have made possibly the ultimate Purple Kush available. VegPage offer genuine Purple Kush and Og Kush seeds, all offered for world-wide discreet delivery.

OG Kush Hybrids

Grand Daddy Purps Seeds Available Now

Grand Daddy Purps Seeds Available Now

Of the OG Kush hybrids Purple Kush is probably the most popular, offering puffy buds that are dense and hard with an undeniable bouquet added to a delightful dispaly of color when maturity approaches. For OG Kush admirers, the Purple Kush is the No#1 smoke, supplying large purple colored Marijuana buds that appear to sparkle and shine, because of the extreme crystal formations together with the added bonus of growing up to 700 grams per square meter when supplied the right growing conditions. Purple Kush has a flowering period of between eight to nine weeks, this Indica Marijuana plant grows to between 1-1.5 meters tall indoors, meaning super cropping techniques are best used in controlling the overall height together with maximize the final yield and harvest, easy to grow for the novice grower.

There are many other hybrids and crosses of OG Kush, offering a wide and versitile collection of aromas and flavors allowing you to choose between the fruit varieties such as Lemon, Blackberry and Grapefruit, to OG Kush infused with the Sour Diesel, one of the many, most popular strains and varieties of Marijuana available to America today. VegPage, perhaps the the most trusted and reputable of the Marijuana Seeds Companies offering seeds direct to America, supply a vast selection of OG Kush, as well as many other forms of Feminized Marijuana seeds for discreet and direct shipping, to America, Canada and all parts of Europe.

Searching for the best prices, combined with guaranteed discreet shipping of your ordered Marijuana Seeds to the USA, VegPage contains the very best in fresh seeds, enter the portal to find out more.

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