TechnaFlora Nutrients Super Pack

TechnaFlora Nutrients Super Pack

The TechnaFlora SuperNutrient Upgrade Package is the ideal nutrient solution for your precious plants.  When you give your plants everything they need, they will be happy to give you everything YOU need!

This comprehensive nutrient program includes larger bottles of all of the essential components of the “Recipe for Success.”

We here at SuperCloset have also recognized that TechnaFlora‘s directions call for more of some of the nutrients than others, causing your supply of each to diminish at different times.  Our solution was to come up with a package that provides you with a quantity of each component in direct proportion to the amount in which you need to use it.  We know, GENIUS!!  This will allow you to have a comfortable supply, which will get you evenly through your harvest cycles, without having to worry about running out of anything prematurely!


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TechnaFlora Nutrients Super Pack

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