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Best Devils Harvest Seeds

December 17, 2013

      Based in Amsterdam Devils Harvest Seeds offer a tantalizing selection of high quality Cannabis seeds. 2014 saw the Green Place Coffee Shop win first prize in the overall High Times Cannabis Cup for Devils Harvest Seeds Rolex Kush. Although currently unavailable to the public, Devils Harvest seeds do offer a superior...
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CBD Crew Seeds Review

December 10, 2013

  CBD Crew Seeds are a joint venture between Mr. Nice Seedbank and Resin Seeds.   Their aim is to produce 100% CBD rich seeds for Medical Marijuana patients.   . CBD Crew Seeds specialize in providing high quality Cannabis and Marijuana seeds that are higher than average in CBD, or Cannabidiol. This is...
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Patriot Mix

Cannabis Seeds - Patriot Mix Pack

Fruity Mix

Cannabis Seeds - Fruity Mix Pack

High Yield Mix

Cannabis Seeds - High Yeild Mix Pack

Platinum Mix

Cannabis Seeds - Platinum Mix Pack

Spicy Mix

Cannabis Seeds - Spicy Mix Pack