SupHerb Dryer Stealth Grow Box

SupHerb Dryer Stealth Grow Box

DRY1 300x300 SupHerb Dryer Stealth Grow BoxSuperCloset is proud to bring you the SupHerb Dryer, the first professional vertical herb/flower dryer in the world. SupHerb Dryers have been designed to blend into almost any area, perfect for the home, office, or pretty much anywhere!

It is important to state that all SuperCloset Grow Boxes and Grow Rooms can act as a good dryer in and of themselves. As much as everyone loves the SupHerb Dryers, we believe that we have to tell you that your SuperCloset will also double as a dryer when you harvest your plants in any SuperCloset system. The benefit with adding the SupHerb Dryer is that you will have a professional separate wooden drying chamber designed specifically for perfectly drying plants. With pine & mahogany walls throughout and several adjustable hanging rods, the drying process is quick and simple. In addition, you will save time and money by not disrupting the Continual Harvest Rotation in your SuperCloset. The SupHerb Dryer is a wonderful addition to all SuperCloset systems and is becoming a huge hit with all growers who want the absolute best and fastest drying experience!

What does it mean to dry plants?  What are some of important details?

discount buy copy 300x144 SupHerb Dryer Stealth Grow BoxRetail Price: $1,295 $995
You Save: $200

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