SuperCloset StealthRO Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

SuperCloset StealthRO Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

  • Save More Water!
  • Less waste than similar filters
  • Standard 3:1 ratio pre-plumbed, Optional 2:1 ratio included
  • Stabilize pH levels and avoid mineral build-up
  • Maximize nutrient uptake and minimize lock-out for your prized plants
  • Essential for health of beneficial micro-organisms
  • Earth Friendly Coconut Carbon Filter

Produces up to 200 GPD (gallons per day) ultra-pure, low PPM water.  Removes 98%+ of chlorine and contaminants.  Wastes approximately 25% less water than other RO Systems.  Everything included in the box for quick hook-up.  Custom tailored for gardening and hydroponics.

Includes 4-stage RO Unit, 2 RO Membranes, Carbon Filter, Cleanable Sediment Filter, Automatic Shut Off Cartridge, Wall Mountable Metal Bracket, Garden Hose Connector, Inline Shut-Off, 8 ft. RO & Drain Line, 5 ft. Inlet Line, Filter Wrench, and Instructions.  Filter is ideal for well water users with iron and sulfur, as well as for city water users with chloramines.

SuperCloset StealthRO Reverse Osmosis Water Filter – $315.00
Retail Price: $339.95 $315
You Save: $15.00

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