Small Grow Box

Small Grow Box.

Small Grow Box

Small Grow Box

Standard Model 24″ Tall 16″ Wide 9.5″ Deep

Deluxe Model 36″ Tall 16″ Wide 9.5″ Deep


The original and most affordable indoor small grow box, easy to set-up and use. Constructed from high quality materials and supplied with a lifetime warranty, this compact indoor grow tent offers a great beginner or hobby grower environment for growing your Marijuana Seeds.


This complete system comes complete with all the necessary equipment to grow your first crop. Fitted with a fully functioning carbon filter, and 3 mounted light fittings, we also supply three vegative bulbs, high in the blue light spectrum, and three flowering bulbs, higher in the red spectrum.


With all your light, and any odor neutralized, this lockable indoor grow cabinet is the ideal method for growing Medical Marijuana in private. The interior of the cabinet is self cooling and highly reflective, allowing for maximum light growth.


Growing within the grow box is via a 6 plant hydroponic grow system, with pump and oxygenator also supplied, together with 6 net pots, 6 grow cubes, the necessary nutrients and 6 bulbs.


This may not be the biggest indoor grow box, but it performs like a dream. With very little work, this box will become completely full of your own favorite Medical Marijuana, it’s your own personal medicine cabinet, or cash machine.

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