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Power Plant Seeds

Power Plant Seeds Available Here

Power Plant Seeds Available Here

Power Plant Seeds are one of the most famous Marijuana Seeds available, offering both the indoor weed grower and outdoor gardener an opportunity to grow and produce some of the largest buds and colas achievable. With incredible yields of sweet, sticky Marijuana, Power Plant has firmly established itself as one of the major strains stocked by many of the Amsterdam Coffee-Shops. Available in feminized form, as single seed purchases or as complete packets from your desired supplier, you can now buy Power Plant Seeds online and cheaper than ever before. Read a Power Plant review and discover why these Marijuana Seeds are so popular within the Marijuana community.

Power Plant Seeds really blew a fresh breeze into the landscape of indoor marijuana seed genetics when they were released to the Marijuana community in 1997. Initially created and developed by Dutch Passion using South African Marijuana genetics.

Dutch Passion Power Plant Seeds are not a hybrid strain, they were created solely by selectively inbreeding the very best traits. However, Power Plant Seeds are not a 100% pure Sativa strain, they also containing approximately 12,5% Indica Marijuana genetics.It is in part due to the Indica traits that help Power Plant Seeds produce extra fat buds.

Power Plant Seeds have been available in the Holland for several years now, initially experienced a very fast and successful coffee-shop career. Power Plant was a big seller and firm favorite as both Seeds and buds sold at the Coffee-Shop establishments from the very beginning and quickly established a following of eager customers.

Power Plant Seeds Review

Power Plant Seeds produce impressive sized Marijuana plants offering yields suitable for commercial and individual growers alike. General genetics are based around an Indica – Sativa mix which produces tall plants with an abundance of hard, dense buds.

Standard flowering times across all the recommended Power Plant Seeds is between 8- 9 weeks with production of approximately 500 grams per square meter as standard, however this will depend on environmental conditions and skills of the grower.

Power Plant Seeds are often the preferred choice of many of the personal Marijuana seed growers in Holland and Amsterdam, easy to grow for both the beginner and more experienced grower producing a good quality product in a relatively short space of time

With its very promising and catchy name, together with the explosive and creative sativa high that Power Plant produces, this delicious tasting strain delivered a new and unique powerful high that is perfect for daytime use. With its dominant Sativa genetics the user feels euphoric and creative, rather than the couch-locking effect produced by the more Indica dominant varieties.

Power Plant Seeds are very easy grow and take clones from, and so naturally Power Plant became popular as cuttings or clones. Easy to grow for both beginners and the more experienced grower alike, providing ample harvests from its large swollen buds.

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Power Plant Seeds

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