PC Grow Box Hydroponic

 PC Grow Box Hydroponic

PC Grow Box Hydroponic – $595.00 (Discounted)

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As a well designed and fully featured stealth grow box, the PC grow box represents the best in hybrid systems. Easy setup and installation make this comprehensive hydroponic system a cinch to use. Buyers get all of the best modern features and accessories for quick and easy plant production with this “sea of green” (SOG design) and grow plants quickly in this PC grow box with the following features and benefits:

Dimensions: 8.1 x 20.6 x 18.6 inches

The PC grow box ships within 7 days of order! Stealth shipping included with all grow boxes. Completely opaque light-proof stealth grow box, High-design PC box planter, Reflective material on interior surfaces for the best light absorption, Cooling and ventilation system for plants, Holds two plants, Produce the equivalent of 2 pounds of dried harvested plant materials.

50 Watt Digital lighting system

  • 50 watt high-pressure sodium ballast and bulb
  • Quick-grow HID lighting system
  • Unique grow design: PC grow box will beat any competing system
  • Reflective material designs for low-heat, low fire risk
  • Safe and secure lighting and reflective system guarantees plants will not burn

Built in Cooling Fan

  • PC box cooling system helps keep the interior at the best temperature for plant growth
  • More than 100 CFM with this air exchange system; CO2 system compatible
  • Quiet fan operation for discretion
  • No LED lights on fan: translates to better plant outcomes

Two-plant Hydroponic System

  • Two 3 inch net pots for plants
  • Fully accessorized air pump includes check valves, tubing and more
  • Organic starter plugs  (6) with preinstalled germinating helpers
  • Plants share a 6 quart reservoir
  • Light proof reservoir helps to ensure plants will not suffer from ultraviolet damage

Wireless temperature and climate control gauges

  • Quickly assess temperature and humidity with this wireless tool
  • Get maximum and minimum readings for indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity levels
  • See either Celsius or Fahrenheit results
  • 12 or 24 hour modes for temperature and humidity gauges
  • Versatile setup options inside or outside of box
  • Light button and AAA batteries included

Meter for Assessing Total Dissolved Solids

  • Figure out when to add nutrients with this total dissolved solids meter
  • Batteries included for up to 1000 hours of use
  • Reads a wide range of parts per million
  • Accurate results to 99%
  • Built-in sensor reads ranges of 1 to 50°C or 33 to 1 22°F
  • Meter tool is factory calibrated
  • This product includes a calibration solution HI70032
  • 2.6 ounces

Moon Dust – Nutrients for Hydroponic Growth

  • This record-setting nutrient helps grow big plants quickly
  • Unique all-in-one nutrient has been time tested with measurable results
  • The start to finish design of this nutrient mix will help lead to an enhanced growth cycle
  • Easy to use product for beginners
  • Moon dust exceeds results with any other kind of nutrients
  • Functions with any varieties of plants
  • This pH balanced, concentrated nutrient provides a premier solution for intake or chelation, helping plants digest available nutrients
  • Additives include carbohydrate designs, silicates, humic acid and more
  • Beneficial bacteria and fungus provide a balanced, complex nutrient solution for really boosting plan health and growth
  • Well-designed formula will keep plants healthy in all stages
  • Better than other formulas that may not be easy to apply to plants
  • Calcium and magnesium help with pest-control and overall plant health

pH testing kit

  • 8 ounce bottles for adding and subtracting to pH values
  • Accuracy with pH testing kit
  • pH testing is critical for hydroponic plants to ensure good crop outcomes

5F Thermal Safety Switch

  • This custom thermal safety switch has been patented as an award-winning design for hydroponic growth and safety
  • These thermal regulators make additional safety part of your grow kit
  • Use thermal safety switch for light cycles and for cutting off lights when temperatures reach a certain high point
  • ( 105°F) to have peace of mind and complete safety for plants and their surroundings
  • The low fire risk with this thermal safety switch provides assurance for anyone who is trying to grow plants but is worried about the possibilities of high heat in their hydroponic setup

Heavy Duty Timer

  • UL timer is grounded for safety
  • This tool provides automation for lighting cycles
  • 2000 W 115 V
  • Kit includes batteries

Security System with Locking Key

  • This lock and key system helps to prevent unauthorized access to plants
  • Make sure you have privacy with this locking system for your grow box

Instructional DVD

  • Instructional DVD guides you through every stage of growing plants in the PC grow box
  • Use instructional DVD to get easy stages of management and maintenance for your hydroponic products
  • This DVD is made for beginners and will explain everything to do with hydroponic set up
  • Buyers also get phone support for projects

Foliar Spray

  • Spray benefits plants with root damage
  • Help your plants get bigger and promote better yields as well as healthier roots
  • Enhance harvests and blossoming stages with this spray
  • Gets plants more vitamins and minerals quickly

Vertical Plant Growth Inhibitor

  • This solution speeds up phases of growth
  • Plants adapt for optimal harvest with this growth inhibitor
  • Results in two short and stocky plants that are easy to harvest

PC Grow Box Hydroponic

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