Nutrient Levels For Growing Marijuana

Basic Growing Marijuana Seed Information

Both Cannabis and Marijuana Seeds rely on nutrients within the soil for growth, together with the necessary water, carbon dioxide and sunlight, they form the building blocks for your plants. These nutrients come from the natural breakdown in the soil, but if the soil is of a poor quality, or if the nutrients have been exhausted from the soil, then you will need to replenish them to get the best growth from your Sour Diesel Seeds .

There are several ways that you can introduce nutrients into the soil, including compost mixes and fertilizers. Most people are familiar with the packaged fertilizers that are available in garden centers. It is important that you make sure the three vital ingredients necessary for good Marijuana plant development are included; These are Nitrogen (N), Phosporus (P), and Potassium (P). Most fertilizers will display the ratio of nutrients in relation to each other. A standard mix will supply an even 20-20-20 mix of each essential nutrient in equal parts.

Throughout the life cycle of any cannabis or Marijuana seed, it needs different types of fertilizer according to its growing requirements. When you plant the seeds you should plant them in a potting mix and that does not require any addition fertilizer as the plant Marijuana seeds begin to grow.

As it transforms from its seedling to growth stage, it will quickly use up the available nutrients as it develops more leaves and grows in size. During this stage of development it is best to feed your Marijuana seeds a balanced fertilizer with equal measures of all three vital nutrients. This makes sure good amounts of each major nutrient is readily available to your growing Marijuana Seeds.

If you are growing your Cannabis or Marijuana plants inside, in a grow room then you will want to make sure that you dilute the fertilizer so that you do not over fertilize the plants. Grown in smaller pots, Marijuana quickly absorbs the surrounding nutrients, so you need to supply them with a lower dosage at regular intervals. Over feeding your plants during this stage will damage the roots, leaves and growing tips of the plants, reducing the speed at which it will grow.

As the life cycle of your Marijuana seeds change from growth to flowering, at this point the nutrient levels required by the plant change. Until this time your Marijuana Seeds have spent their whole life growing new shoots and leaves, now it is building its reproductive parts and converting the stored energy into buds and flowers.

During this stage your plants will require higher levels of Phosphorus, and having a higher amount available can significantly boost the production of buds and their size. This increases the amount of marijuana that you will be able to harvest, so proiding additional Phosphorus is important.

A ratio of 10 – 30 – 10 NPK is best for this part of the Marijuana plant’s life cycle, and most of these types of fertilizers also include many trace elements that are important during flowering. There is a temptation at this stage to give it a little extra to try and boost things a little. Be warned you will have the opposite effect, so do not undo all the hard work you have put in, by using too much fertilizer.

The way to tell if your plant is not getting the nutrients it needs in the growth phase is if you see the leaves are beginning to lose their green appearance and take on a more yellow color. If you have a good eye for color, you may notice that over all green tone of the plant has become lighter.

Keeping a close watch on your nutrient levels is the best way to achieve maximum growth and yield from your Marijuana Seeds. You can learn much more about growing Marijuana, especially the Sour Diesel Seeds and strains, why not click the link and read the complete growing Sour Diesel Seeds guide.

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