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How To Stop Bud Rot

Pictures Of Bud Rot On Cannabis


If you have grown Cannabis indoors and never suffered from Bud Rot, well done. Either you are extremely lucky or have the ideal environment in which to grow Cannabis and Marijuana plants. Many other indoor growers are not as fortunate, and as the buds fatten up, just before they are fully mature and at their peak……



Tiny, microscopic spores have found a home in the heart of your best Cannabis buds, they have enjoyed the ideal climate your grow room has provided, and now they are attacking your buds with a ferocious intensity, increasing their devastation every night.

Unfortunately it’s already too late, more buds are infected than your eye can see, and will develop bud rot over the coming days. Your best, top cola’s and highest dense buds are the most vulnerable and if possible, should be cut and harvested immediately. Carefully cut away all infected buds, taking care to release as few mould spores onto the remaining buds as possible.

It’s painful, especially after all the hard work, care and attention which you have given them, but infected buds can make you ill, and under no circumstances should they be smoked or sold for others to consume.

Commercial growers suffer severe financial penalties, as their best buds are worthless, while the remainer has to be cut and harvested before reaching peak weight and potency. Hobby and personal growers may only have a few plants and to lose one or more of the best buds can be devastating.

How To Prevent Bud Rot

It is almost impossible to stop the Botrytis spores from entering your growing area, on their own they will not harm your plants and buds, the mould spores only become active when given the right environmental conditions.

The only way to stop bud rot attacking your Cannabis plants is to prevent it, ensuring that the conditions in your grow room or area are better suited to the plants growth, than that of the mould spores.

Although low night-time temperatures are partially to blame, the primary cause of bud rot is high humidity. Cannabis plants flower best when the humidity levels are between 30% – 40% higher than this and they will not flower at their optimum levels. 

When the daytime humidity levels are high and the lights are turned off, without any heat source the temperature in the grow room can decrease rapidly. This lower temperature forces the water vapour in the air to condense and reform as water molecules, usually collecting on and around the buds, providing the perfect environment for bud rot to develop.

Stop Bud Rot By Reducing The Humidity

Stop The Rot Bags Stop Bud Rot

Reducing the humidity in the growing area will prevent and stop bud rot. Unfortunately, until now, reducing the humidity has only been possible with the installation of expensive dehumidifying units, or climate control systems.

Stop The Rot Bags offer a simple and effective way to reduce the humidity within an indoor Cannabis grow room. Purposely designed to reduce humidity, these ready to hang bags will absorb and collect water vapour as soon as you hang them up.

Tried and tested, the Stop The Rot Bag is recommended as a cheap and effective way to reduce the humidity in an indoor closet, tent or even complete room, although large areas will require more than 1 bag to be effective.



Bud Rot is a form of Mould.

  • Don’t Sell Infected Buds. 
  • Don’t Smoke Infected Buds.
  • Don’t Allow Bud Rot To Develop.

Fit Stop The Rot Bags and Reduce The Humidity Naturally.

Stop The Rot Bags Prevent and Stop Bud Rot

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