Modular Clone Machine Rooting Cuttings 48 Plant

Modular Clone Machine for Aeroponic Rooting of Cuttings 48 Plant: J Modular Clone Machine for Aeroponic Rooting of Cuttings 48 Plant: J

Durable, UV resistant, ABS plastic Holds 48 of your favorite plants Easy, automated operation Aeroponic method for rapid growth. Simple maintenance. Everything you need to clone and root 48 healthy cuttings in a small area! The New Clone Machine™ 48, sleekly designed and made from durable HDPE plastic, boasts a footprint of just 12” x 29”with 6 additional plant sites. With a low vertical profile of only 10” our Clone Machine™ 48 runs efficiently using just 6 gallons of water and utilizes a high output, submersible pump for successful root production. Backed by Botanicare’s 1yr manufacturer’s replacement warranty. HOW IT WORKS: Add cloning solution (included) to water in the reservoir. Insert cuttings into the neoprene collars in the lid. The high output pump and sprayers mist the cuttings with cloning solution, encouraging rooting. Allow the Clone Machine to run 24 hours a day until roots appear (3-10 days). Transplant your new clones into any grow substrate. Faster growth rates Heightened fragrances Higher yields Increased nutritional value Simple maintenance Includes: High output pump + Microjets 48 plant site lid w/ neoprene collars Sturdy ABS reservoir Botanicare Power Clone rooting solution Botanicare AquaShield liquid compost solution

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