Modular Clone Machine for Aeroponic Rooting

Modular Clone Machine for Aeroponic Rooting of Cuttings 25 Plant: A Modular Clone Machine for Aeroponic Rooting of Cuttings 25 Plant: A

The new Clone Machine 25 fits 25 sites into a small footprint for increased lighting efficiency, and it does not require the use of net pots. Simply insert the neoprene discs directly into the lid. The durable reservoir is made HDPE. This Clone Machine holds up to 25 clones. Dimensions are: 12.75 ” high x 12.75 ” long x 11.25 ” wide. Each machine contains a true aeroponic mist application to ensure the best rooting and aeration to achieve optimum results. Simply dip the cutting in your choice of cloning hormone and place cutting through the lid in the 2” neoprene insert. Botanicare also suggests using a cloning solution and fungicide in the Clone Machine Reservoir. Operate the machine for 24 hour periods until roots appear (3 to 10 days). Transplant into any desired grow substrate. Clone Machines™ work best with 16–18 hours of fluorescent lighting at 4”–8” for cuttings. Misting leaves once or twice daily is also helpful. Includes: Submersible pump Neoprene inserts Power Clone Solution Hydroguard Dimensions: 12.75” W x 12.75” D x 11.25” H

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