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Guerrilla Growing

Guerrilla Growing Marijuana Seeds

Guerrilla growing marijuana plants is gaining in popularity and becoming more common across many states in America, and areas of the world that restrict the growing and use of cannabis. The UK, United States, Canada as well as many other ‘free’ countries refuse to allow the unrestricted, free use and cultivation of marijuana, forcing people to start growing marijuana inside their house, or outdoors, on their property, or, as many are now doing,, resort to ‘guerrilla growing’ methods and techniques to cultivate and enjoy their own cannabis buds and edibles.

Across the United States of America, guerrilla growing has increased in popularity and become more common as demand for high quality marijuana continues to increase. Even growers in some of the more tolerant, marijuana-friendly parts of America, cannabis gardeners are restricted to a set, maximum amount of marijuana plants and seedlings that can be legally planted and grown, wit some states prohibiting growing marijuana completely. As there are many states offering good conditions through the Spring, Summer and early Fall, growing marijuana plants outdoors is a low-cost, easy and rewarding, with many strains capable of producing extremely large, tall plants with heavy and abundant harvests. While there is a demand for something, you can guarantee someone is profiting from it’s supply, and whether it’s against the law or not, many growers adopt guerrilla growing techniques as a means of reducing many of the risks associated with being found out, while growing their own plants and high quality marijuana or cannabis buds and cola’s.

For most gardeners, guerrilla growing reduces the chances of being caught possessing, or cultivating marijuana. Living in one of the more liberal and ‘marijuana-friendly states that permits the use of either recreational or medicinal marijuana, there are often limits on the permitted amount of marijuana plants you may legally be able to grow, if any at all. Growing cannabis and marijuana in the UK is against the law in all parts of the country, and even though there are not as many wide open spaces as there are in the USA, guerrilla growing methods have also been adopted there as well, often in some of the cleverest places, including a disused nuclear bunker.

There are several guerrilla growing methods, and it can be done in a number of different ways, and although planting marijuana seeds outside, away from your own property, choosing a remote, secluded places is often the most used and known way, there are actually many means to start guerrilla growing marijuana plants, adopted right across the world, from small, personal grows, through to much larger, more commercially based operations and ‘cash-crop’ businesses. There are many methods and whichever you chose to use, the aim remains the same, producing the highest marijuana buds without getting caught and subsequently arrested.

Choosing Marijuana Seeds For Your Guerrilla Grow

Once you have selected an area for your guerrilla growing, you will need select the right sort of seeds and strains that are suited to your climate and needs. While almost any seeds and strains may be grown outside, a proportion of these strains begin to flower, bud and mature quicker than other strains, this makes them a better selection for northern state growers. Marijuana buds and cola’s are only produced by the female plants, male’s generate pollen for fertilization, it’s possible to make sure you aren’t planting male seeds or plants or seeded buds by buying feminized marijuana seeds. There is little point spending time, money and effort on your guerrilla grow, if the plants are not guaranteed to produce good and most potent buds and cola’s.

Your location is the primary part in the type of marijuana strain you may wish to choose to plant in the guerrilla grow. While strains and seeds should be selected which you enjoy and appeal to your tastes and needs, if there produced outside, the plants require long enough in full flower to fully mature before the growing season ends and early night time frosts produce rotting buds and mold problemsThe length of the growing season, as well as temperature and daylight hours are all major factors when considering growing marijuana outside, and selecting seeds and the correct strains which can fully develop and grow, bud, flower and completely mature before the onset of anythe frost, can be an important part when choosing the best marijuana seeds for your grow. While the longer growing period and warmer winter enjoyed in southern parts of the USA, are just right to grow longer flowering, Sativa based strains, these cannabis strains may find it difficult to flower and mature when planted in northern located states. Marijuana seeds with Indica dominant genetics generally enjoy a quicker flowering stage of development, and are more compact and ‘bush-like’ often better able to handle stronger winds and colder night temperatures.

Autoflowering seeds have grown to now become the major and favoured selection for many experienced guerrilla growers. Feminized and 100% assured to generate female-only marijuana plants, these marijuana seeds are perfect selection for both large ‘cash-crop’ growers as well as new and novice gardeners alike, creating the best potency buds with complete disregard to the amount of dark hours they receive. With no set hours of darkness necessary, autoflowering seeds are the best Summer-time marijuana seeds for guerrilla growing in the USA. Their ability to grow and flower at the same time cuts down the total amount of time needed from seed through to harvest to approximately 12 weeks, and even though harvests can be very much smaller, the speed and ease that these autoflowering marijuana plants grow, allows for many individual harvests from as soon as mid-July and throughout the season.

Many experienced marijuana guerrilla growers germinate a variety of both feminized autoflowering and standard feminized marijuana seeds during the beginning of the growing season subsequently enjoying long, productive harvests later in the season. Guerrilla growing marijuana in more northerly states requires consideration and careful selecting of the right seeds and marijuana strains due to the much growing and flowering time available as well as the much colder temperatures during the Fall. Planting and growing autoflowering seeds may be the only option for colder northern states, southern marijuana guerrilla growers often select and plant them to produce fast crops over their much longer season, often achieving multiple harvests by planting autoflowering seeds, instead of producing one large harvest at the end of the season.

Seed Selection Points and Considerations

Guaranteed feminized marijuana seeds are the best option for many guerrilla growing techniques generating pure, female marijuana plants capable of producing the highest quality buds and cola’s.

Select cannabis strains and seeds capable of completely maturing before the onset of cooler conditions and the first frosts appear.

Most autoflowering seeds and strains can be quick to ripen and extremely simple to grow, perfect if you require quick finishing strains for growing in northern states, or for generating multiple harvests when planted and grown in warmer, southern parts of the USA.

Prepare the guerrilla growing marijuana operation in advance and prepare, purchase the best seeds and strains for your needs, select and prepare the location several times in advance and most importantly remain silent telling no-one about the guerrilla growing operation and position.

Autoflower Seeds For Guerilla Grow

Feminized Seeds For Guerrilla Growing


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