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LED Grow Lights, The future?

Correct Spectrum LED Growlights.

50w LED Grow Light (150 Watts Efficiency) Full Cycle

50w LED Grow Light (150 Watts Efficiency) Full Cycle

If you are one of the many people who grow Marijuana indoors, you may well have seen the development and risein poularity of LED growlights. These small, compact lighting units differ dramaticaly from the previous Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium bulbs in many ways, and yet more and more growers are becoming convinced that LED growlights are not only producing the same high quality buds, but through altering the spectrum between blue and red bulbs, it is possible to actually improve the yield, and the quality.

By altering the light spectrum it is possible to provide far more effective and efficient light for your plants, in the plants growth stages it requires a substantual amount of blue spectrum light, where-as for flowering a greater degree of red spectrum light is necessary. Using LED growlights allows you the opportunity to adapt the light you are supplying by simply altering the spectrum setting, providing your plants with the correct light at the necessary times.

Enhanced Photosynthesis With LED Growlights.

16w LED Grow Light - 225 Bulb

16w LED Grow Light - 225 Bulb

For many years indoor Marijuana growers preffered to use Metal Halide and Sodium lightbulbs to provide the light source necessary to grow plants indoors. These bulbs produce a large amount of heat and must be kept a minimum distance from the plants to avoid scorching. Due to the large amount of power needed to operate these high-intensity growbulbs, the electrical costs could some become expensive, and many people began searching for a cheaper alternative, without loss of quality or quantity.

With the recent develoments of LED growlights, not only can the modern-day indoor grower get the lights closer to the plants, as the heat output is far less than that of the other varieties, but they can save money too. The electrical running costs of LED growlights are only a fraction of their counter-parts, making a large saving over a period of time, due to the number of hours that these lights neeed to operate. If you’re considering growing indoors, an LED growlight offers the lowest running costs of any light unit, and with a large selection of sizes available, finding the correct unit to light your garden has never been easier.



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