LED Grow Light Reviews

LED Grow Light Reviews

Grow lights might be one of the most important elements to growing and that’s why we all need LED Grow Light Reviews. There are a very wide array of LED grow lights and colors, wattages, and other factors determine their effectiveness.

The term LED is short for light emitting diodes. these are much more efficient than other types of artificial light, and only have recently begun to take over the market for grow lights. because of their inexpensive nature, and powerful results, nearly anyone can grow these no matter their budget.

using paper research the LED grow lights appeared to out do the other types of growing lights like HPS in nearly every factor. Because they use significantly less energy and electricity then HPS, they give off barely any heat as well as maintaining a low electricity bill. One of the major problems of growing has always been the intense power and brightness and electricity required by grow lights. That is no more with the LEDs, so a major problem of driving has been solved. This was also accountable for their danger in growing and privacy issues.

Other dangers of the old HPS lights was that they could actually harm damage or kill the plants if they were properly ventilated. Even with proper ventilation the atmosphere can change, perhaps sunlight coming through the window, and the intensity of the light and different atmospheric changes could end up killing plants easily. So the constant I had to be kept on them at all times, which is less of a factor, far less of a factor with the LED lights.

LED lights also bypass the requirements of having a ducting system or ventilation system to control the atmosphere and heat. Also, standard manufacturing gives the LED lights a simple standard plug for an electrical outlet. So enormously complicated part of growing is bypassed with LED grow lights.

LED Grow Light Pros:

  • Efficient Energy Usage, no electricity footprint
  • Very cool, extremely efficient, not dangerous to plants via heat
  • Standard Outlet electrical plug
  • Some growers claim More THC using LEDs


LED Grow Light Reviews

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