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Marijuana Seeds History

Marijuana Plant Grown From SeedsThe Marijuana plant has grown naturally for thousands of years, developing different characteristics depending on it’s environment. all around the world, from China and Nepal to Africa and the rough terrain of the Hindu Kush mountains, the plant has grown, adapted and spread. It was as little as 70 years ago that Marijuana seeds were planted and cultivated across Europe cultivated from wild, European genetics, the plants was referred to as Hemp, a versatile and extremely useful plant used for sacks, rope, as well as a nutritious animal feed. These plants produced an abundance of seeds when harvested, but lacked any real buds. The THC and CBD levels were also very low making the plant good for agriculture, but far removed from what we call Marijuana today, unless you look at Ruderalis, a wild form of Hemp-Marijuana.

Two Forms Of Marijuana Seeds


In countries near the equator the Marijuana plant developed differently,Marijuana plants that grew in hot countries or near the equator enjoyed long hours of uninterrupted sunlight together with good environmental conditions allowed the plants to grow taller with a long flowering period that produced flowers, that over time join and expand producing lengthy, cola’s covering the ends of the branches. The role of these white hair flowers is to collect passing male pollen, which may be from a male plant, or, in some cases a Marijuana plant may produce it’s own pollen, plants that do this are known as hermaphrodites. After the plant has attracted some male pollen it fertilises the seed bract and groups of fresh Marijuana seeds begin to form.

Buddha Seeds Red Dwarf, Autoflowering SeedsThese taller, longer-term flowering Marijuana plants became known as Sativa or Cannabis Sativa, both are the same plant, and when mature, became coated in a sticky oil or resin. It is in the oils secreted by the plants over it’s flowers which has the active ingredients such as THC and CBD, both have proven benefits in helping to treat a number of different ailments and illnesses. Sativa Marijuana tends to induce a feeling of peace and happiness, often associated with hippies. However the Sativa Marijuana available now is far stronger that the ‘grass’ of the past.

In harsher climates such as the mountainous regions of Pakistan, Morocco, Marijuana plants and their seeds needed to develop a different strategy to survive. Growing tall with a long flowering time was no longer an option in these harsher conditions, and with shorter Summers and longer nights, the long flowering times of the Sativa Marijuana plants were too long. To compensate for this harder environment, the Marijuana plants became sturdier, with stronger main stems. They became Branches that had once spread out with room between them become shorter and closer together and while the Sativa plants had leaves with long, thin fingers, the leaves from these plants grew shorter and wide, often overlapping one another.

Plants from these areas, and with these characteristics are classified as Indica Marijuana. It differs from the Sativa variety not only in look, but also the feeling it produces. Indica Marijuana plants have a shorter flowering time, this allows them fewer days to become fertilised by any male pollen spores. Indica Marijuana plants have found a way to compensate for this, often creating far more oily resin than Sativa plants, making them sticky, increasing the chances of catching male pollen blown over the plant.

THC, CBD and many other natural compounds can be found in both Indica and Sativa Marijuana, but, the effect that each one has on the body and head are totally different. Often prescribed as a natural pain relieving agent, and help for people who find it difficult to sleep, The term ‘couch-locking’ is often applied to Indica Marijuana as it be can very relaxing, making the user feel tired, heavy and sleepy, this makes Indica Marijuana a good choice for use as a night-time smoke, While with it’s creative and euphoric properties Sativa is a better choice for during the day.

Modern Hybrid Marijuana Seeds

Using the best cross-breeding patterns many of the best traits from both forms of Marijuana plants have been isolated and developed creating a wide assortment of plants all with tastes and smells, as well as varying amounts of both plants genes. These have gain the name Hybrids, and are the most popular choice for many growers buying Marijuana seeds, as almost all Marijuana seeds now contain traces of both forms of genetics.

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