Indoor Grow Lights

Indoor Grow Lights for Weed.

As many people already know, you require specialized lights to grow weed indoors. All plants require a spectrum of light in order to grow and develop. During the course of a plants life it may require the light spectrum to change in order to obtain the very best growth obtainable, and this is certainly true when it comes to growing weed indoors.

There are many types of lights to grow weed indoors, some Cannabis growers use a particular type and stick to that, whilst others will use a variety of bulbs and equipment to obtain the very best from their plants. The best results are often achieved by using a variety of bulbs that emit a specific light spectrum, which you can then use at the correct times in the plants life to grow the best quality and quantity obtainable.

Choosing the correct lights to grow weed indoors is probably the second most important aspect in growing weed indoors. The first has to be to acquire good, reliable and genuine stock, and for that we recommend either the Cannabis Seed breeders we promote here at Skunk Seed Finder, or, alternatively visit AutoSeedsBank. Remember you cannot get good stock from poor seeds, so although it may at first seem tempting to plant those weed seeds from a bag you bought, the quality will be poor, even with a lot of attention. If you are going to invest in the correct lights to grow weed indoors, it is important to grow from good, genuine Cannabis Seeds.

The Best Lights To Grow Weed Indoors

 Seedlings and Cuttings.

The first lights to grow weed indoors you will need is a low powered vegative light, at this stage your baby Cannabis seedlings or small clones need plenty of blue spectrum light, a very little red spectrum light. To us, this light appears as a bright white, known as a cool light. Your choices can range from a specialized low watt grow bulb, flourescent tubes, a 250 watt metal halide or MH Bulb. If you are using higher than a 250 watt bulb, ensure the lamp is at least 4 feet away from your plants, and then gently lower it over a period of time to avoid burning your Cannabis plants.

The Best Lights To Grow Weed Indoors – Vegative Growth. The vegative stage is crucial to growing weed indoors, as is often over-looked as just the bit before flowering. It is during this period that your Cannabis plant will lay down the inter-nodule branches and bud sites that will, if treated correctly, become your Cannabis buds in a few months time. There are many super-cropping techniques which can enhance your final quantity, although most of them do delay the eventual harvest date as they require a longer period of vegative growth. There are two different bulbs that are of benefit here, each producing a slightly different effect. In general, the greater the concentration of blue spectrum light, the closer together your inter-nodule branches and bud sites will be. So, if you wish to grow a bushy plant, and limit the height, use a pure Metal Halide bulb. If on the other hand, your strain is quite bushy and you wish to promote height a little more, use a mixed spectrum bulb, such as a Son-T-Agro. These bulbs give an all-round light spectrum and are perfect for the budget Cannabis grower.

The Best Lights For Growing Weed Indoors


Almost all Cannabis strains take a minimum of eight weeks, at least, to full mature. During this time the desire of all Cannabis growers is to increase the weight, size and potency of their Cannabis buds. During the flowering period your Cannabis plants require high levels of red spectrum light, so your Metal Halide bulb is no longer of any use. However, moving directly to a Sodium bulb will reduce the growth of your buds significantly. The answer is to use an all-round bulb, such as the Son-T-Agro for the first four weeks to generate bud growth and achieve a growth rate in flowering that cannot be achieved without some form of blue light. After four weeks, switch to a pure sodium bulb, the more lumens, the bigger your Cannabis Buds will be. At his last and final stage, all you now need is for your Cannabis buds to swell, dense and add weight. For this a pure Sodium bulb will always be the best lights to grow weed indoors as it ensures the final product is a high quality Cannabis bud.


Indoor Grow Lights

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