Hydroponic Systems

What Are Hydroponic Systems?

Hydroponic systems are is essentially growing plants in water without using soil as a growing medium. Hydroponics gardening, with the help of superior, high quality hydroponics systems, can conserve the ever depleting natural resources like land and water. The water used in hydroponic system can be recycled to some extent. Therefore, a hydroponics system is an eco-friendly form of gardening.

Setting up your personal hydroponic system at home is very simple. Just like any other task, you have to do some planning before you set up your personal hydroponics system. You have to understand the requirement of your hydroponic plants and accordingly gather equipment needed to make a good hydroponics system. Broadly speaking, hydroponic systems can be classified as active or passive.

Active and Passive Hydroponic Systems

In an active hydroponics system, nutrient solution spreads over the roots of your plants. This type of hydroponic system is useful for the large-sized root zone medium, like perlite and vermiculite. Whereas, with a passive hydroponics system plant roots are allowed to spread into the nutrient solution; in this case, your plants might need a support system or an anchorage as they develop.

The primary elements of most hydroponics system are: water, light, temperature, oxygen and nutrients. The light provided could be either natural or artificial, depending on the type of gardening; if you are growing plants indoors you’ll require artificial lights as part of your hydroponics system and if you are growing in a greenhouse you can use a combination of natural and artificial light.

Ensure that the hydroponics system you use provides air circulation efficiently; your plants should not experience lack of air supply in the grow room. You can comfortably rely on natural air circulation, if you are cultivating your hydroponic crops outdoors. Also, if the water circulation is carried out in a closed grow room, you can install motors to artificially supply water to guarantee that oxygen reaches your plant roots.

6 Plant Hydroponic Grow Box

6 Plant Hydroponic Grow Box

In places where the climate is moderate, adjusting temperature is not a great deal. But if you are growing your plants in a grow room in extreme weather conditions then temperature adjustments become necessary. A good hydroponic system ensures adequate growing conditions with suitable temperature for your plants to help them grow faster and bigger.

A hydroponic system also helps provide essential nutrients to your plants in adequate ratio. These nutrients if not provided on time can destroy your plants or slow their growth because of deficiency. The nutrient solution contains all essential vitamins and minerals your plants need to look good and strong. If your hydroponics system readily provides these basic elements then your hydroponics system is all set to roll out! The 6 Plant Grow Box provides an excellent all-in-one solution for both novice, or the more experienced grower to utilize the full benefits of a high quality hydoponics system.





Hydroponic Systems

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