Hydroponic Indoor Grow Tent 4x2x5 ft

Hydroponic Indoor Plants Home Box Grow Tent 4x2x5 ft

You are viewing a 48″x24″x60″ (Approx. 4ft x 2ft x 5ft – 1.2M x 0.6M X 1.5M) multi-purpose growing tent at an unbeatable price. With this growing tent, you can grow your beautiful in-door hydroponics plants easily. The exterior is made of commercial grade super heavy duty nylon. The inner lining is made of highly reflective water proof pvc plastic. This unit is designed with exterior zippers so that you can setup and take down in minutes. The frame is very sturdy with metal rods that is connected with high quality pole connectors. There are multiple vents to accommodate your fan and filter. Don’t miss this smart purchase!

It is better to grow your plants w
ith our square/par 168 LED grow lights available in our store!! Welcome shop!

  • Size: 48″(L)x24″(W)x60″(H)
  • Exterior Material: Heavy Duty Nylon
  • Inner Lining Material: Highly Reflective Water-proof PVC Plastic
  • Frame Material: Firm Powder Coated Metal
  • Built-in Zippers and Velcro for Easily Setup and Take Down
  • Sturdy Metal Rods Frame with High Quality Pole Connectors
  • Multiple Vents for 4in or 6in Fan and Filter Output (Vent Rings are NOT included. Sold separately in store)
  • Double Water-proof Floor for Extra Protection
  • Set Up in Minutes
  • Even Amateurs can Generate More Yields with the Help from Our Grow Tent
  • Compatible with 400w, 600w, & 1000w Setup

Benefit of Dark Room Grow Tent:

A Dark Room grow tent is used to house plants so they develop successfully in a controlled environment. Creating the ideal growing conditions requires careful monitoring of the available light and heat sources. For that reason there is a layer of thermal film on the inside of a Dark Room grow tent. The film’s most notable characteristic is that it is highly reflective, which contributes to an optimal lighting medium for the plants. In addition, it is waterproof and offers high heat insulation because of its reflective quality. As an added benefit, the film does not produce any toxic gases, and therefore, there is no risk of harming the plants.

  • Easy Light & Temperature Control
  • A Dark Room grow tent has multiple intake and exhaust ports that assist with the light and temperature control of the structure. The port’s configuration allows for the passage of equipment attachments from the inside and outside while guaranteeing a lightproof atmosphere.
  • Effective Air Circulation
  • To regulate the flow of air, the grow tent provides a port where you can attach an exhaust fan on the external side of the tent. This eliminates any accidents involving the fan damaging delicate plants or producing excess heat and altering the temperature.
  • Durable Construction
  • The Dark Room grow tent is strong enough to handle the effects of daily wear and tear. The ceiling poles are adjustable so you can shift the unit anytime. In addition, you can reallocate the weight distribution with no negative consequences since the poles can support the weight adjustment, especially at the center.

Package Included:

  • 1x 48″(L)x24″(W)x60″(H) Grow Tent
  • 1set Frame
  • UFO grow light, 600 watts MH+HPS and 400 watts HPS grow light in the picture are not included in this item!

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