HydroCulture is a system of growing plants using water to distribute nutrients instead of soil. This can make for much faster coring process which can deliver much more nutrients to the plant itself. it is in close relation to sub irrigation, but instead of growing the in door house plants in a medium that is solid or mimics natural soil, the medium that is solid in the Hydro culture system is Clay. This Clay comes in the form of pellets or balls that are distributed in the area that the soil would be in a more common soil system. There is no end of life for these clay pebbles, because the nutrients are added to the water in the hydroponics system that holds the Clay pebbles.

Hydro culture is a simpler form of hydroponics that does not use pumps and does not use electricity to oxygenate the water. In order to oxygenate the water, and ebb and flow system has been designed for that purpose. The system is simple, where water flows in to distribute itself into the pebbles and therefore into the plant roots. Then the ebb time comes where the water flows out and air replaces itself into the clay medium and therefore into the roots.

This Hydro culture system is the predecessor to the more advanced hydroponic systems which are getting such good results with indoor growing. if you are just getting started, using a Hydro culture system may be the way to go. However, that would just be to learn how these things work. In the advanced hydroponics systems, you don’t even really need to know how it works in order to get amazing results. Results that rival even the best growers can occur with an enclosed hydroponics system. They maintain the most optimal natural climate that could be desired to get the fastest growing plants with the best THC results.


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