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Guerrilla Growing

Guerrilla Growing Marijuana


With many parts of the world having prohibited the possession and growing of cannabis, many people often use guerrilla growing techniques as a way of growing their own weed, buds or medical marijuana. Countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada as well as many other ‘free’ countries prohibit the unrestricted, free use and growing of of marijuana, forcing people to start growing marijuana in their homes, or outdoors, on their land, or, alternatively, resort to ‘guerrilla growing’ methods to grow and produce their own marijuana buds, cola’s and edibles.

As the demand for high quality cannabis and medical marijuana has steadily increased over the years, so has the amount of guerrilla growing set-up’s and operations. Even in some of the more tolerant, marijuana-friendly parts of America, cannabis gardeners are restricted to a set, maximum number of plants that can be legally planted and grown, often outlawing planting your own marijuana completely. For many, reaping the rewards gained from guerrilla growing throughout the Spring and Summer months are too good to ignore, providing a heavy harvest of buds and cola’s for their own personal use, or ‘cash-crop’ pay-outs for commercial growers. While there is a demand, you can guarantee someone is profiting from it’s supply, and illegal or permitted, many growers adopt guerrilla growing methods to reduce the risks associated with being caught, while growing their own, high quality marijuana buds and cola’s.

For most people, guerrilla growing reduces the chances of being caught possessing, or growing cannabis. Although some areas of America permit it’s use, there are many that do not, and growing marijuana at home is very limited. Growing marijuana in the United Kingdom is against the law in all parts of the country, and although there are less open spaces as there are in the United States, guerrilla growing methods have become very popular there as well, often in some of the most ingenious places, including a disused nuclear bunker.

There are several guerrilla growing methods, and it can be done in a number of different ways, even though planting marijuana seeds outside, and away from your own property, and in a secluded and remote area is usually the most used and known technique, there is a range of different means to guerrilla growing marijuana plants, that are used right around the world, from single outdoor planted seeds, through to much larger, more commercially based set-up’s and black market enterprises. There are many methods and whichever you chose to use, the aim remains to produce the highest quality marijuana without getting caught and subsequently arrested.


Guerrilla Growing Tips and Techniques


After you’ve selected a good growing area and purchased the best marijuana and cannabis seeds for planting at the guerrilla growing operation, you are now only waiting on the guaranteed arrival of your chosen seeds. While it’s natural and perfectly acceptable to plant your marijuana and cannabis seeds straight into the pre-prepared area, a lot of experienced growers would rather germinate the marijuana seeds prior to planting, using the advised and guaranteed methods given in the free downloads available.

Planning is an important part to a good crop, prepare the area and dig the soil making sure it is good enough for healthy root development, and perhaps leave a handful of coins in the area. If the area is remote and secluded enough, they should still be there on later trips. It’s important that you don’t plant in straight rows, nature rarely does, remember to generously water the seedlings and remember to make sure that all signs of your activities are taken away from the site, and the plant’s are disguised and camouflaged as much as you possibly can.

Security is the primary factor in guerrilla growing, keeping your operation hidden and not boasting or speaking about what you’re doing. It’s not only the police who are looking for outdoor growing marijuana plants, a large number of outdoor growers have discovered the buds and cola’s, and entire plants have been disappeared, removed or stolen marijuana growers have gone back to their growing site and discovered the plants have been taken or in some cases harvested of their buds and cola’s and the moment they became mature. Your plants will require a lot of water during both the growth as well as first few weeks of flowering, this is particularly true of the larger, season-long feminized varieties. When you visit, approach your growing site from different routes, and vary the times you visit them, if there are people in the area, stay away from the growing area, returning later, once the guerrilla growing site is deserted. Change the day’s and times that you visit your guerrilla growing set-up to feed and water the crop, should there be any walkers, hunters or other people close to your growing area, keep well-away from the grow, consider walking away and returning another day to reduce any suspicions.

People and animals are just two of the things that can damage the plants, insects, bugs, bud rot and root viruses can also harm them prior to them becoming fully ripe and mature. Protecting your plants against the majority of common issues and problems requires several different formula’s at different phases during their lives. I Love Growing Marijuana’s 3 pack Plant Protection system have been created specifically to defend marijuana plants against a lot of the most common problems faced by either indoor and outdoor growers, and is recommended by many customers for all guerrilla growing marijuana operations.


Growing and Harvesting Key Points

Each one of the highly recommended feminized marijuana seeds are totally guaranteed to germinate and grow and are supplied with all the help and information you require.

Visit the guerrilla growing area several times prior to planting, and prepare it beforehand with security in mind.

Keep your operation quiet and to yourself. Only visit your guerrilla grow set-up when warranted, making sure to water the plants adequately on every time you visit.

Protect the marijuana plants against the most most common problems and bugs often overlooked by outdoor guerrilla marijuana growers.

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