Guerrilla Growing In The USA

Guerrilla Growing

Outdoor Guerrilla Growing Marijuana USA

A large number of countries banned using and growing of marijuana, many people often employ guerrilla growing techniques and methods as a way of producing their own weed, buds or medical marijuana. Countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada as well as many other liberal and free countries prohibit the free, unrestricted use and cultivation of cannabis and marijuana, often forcing people to start growing marijuana inside their house, or outdoors, on their property, or, as many are now doing,, turn to ‘guerrilla growing’ techniques to cultivate and produce their own marijuana buds, cola’s and edibles.

Across the United States of America, guerrilla growing has increased in popularity and become more common due to the increased demand for high quality marijuana increases. Even in the more tolerant states, marijuana growers are restricted on the amount of marijuana plants and seedlings that can be legally planted and grown, often prohibiting planting your own marijuana totally. As there are many states providing good conditions through the Spring, Summer and early Fall, growing marijuana outdoors is a low-cost, simple and rewarding, with many strains capable of creating extremely large, tall plants with generous harvests. While there is demand, you can guarantee someone is profiting from it’s supply, and against the law or not, many cannabis growers employ guerrilla growing techniques as a means of reducing the risks associated with being found out, while still generating their own, good quality marijuana or cannabis buds and cola’s.

Within many of the states in America, possessing or the growing of of cannabis and marijuana is illegal and a conviction may easily lead to a severe fine and long jail-terms, guerrilla growing marijuana away from your own property significantly reduces many of these risks significantly. Living in one of the more friendly and liberal states which allow the use of either recreational or medicinal marijuana, there are usually limitations on the permitted amount of plants you can legally grow, if you’re allowed to grow any plants at all. Guerrilla growing methods and techniques are currently being used right across the USA, Canada and even in the UK where, although smaller, has adopted different guerrilla growing methods such as guerrilla growing in the city, underground and the latest method using old shipping containers.

Guerrilla growing can actually be done in a number of different ways, and although planting marijuana seeds outside, and away from your home and land, and in a secluded and remote area is usually the most used and known technique, there is a range of different means to guerrilla growing marijuana plants, adopted right around the world, from single outdoor planted seeds, through to much larger, more commercially based set-up’s and black market businesses. There are many methods and whichever you chose to adopt, the aim remains to produce the best quality marijuana without attracting attention and getting arrested.

Guerrilla Growing In The USA

It is important that you plan when undertaking a guerrilla growing operation, and selecting a good place to grow is crucial to growing your own marijuana buds. Your security and that of your plants needs to be a primary consideration, but others also need to be considered to. Select your area with care, it needs to be away from commonly walked areas, and off the beaten track, not visible to the eye, but near enough to walk to without causing any suspicion. Choosing a good area can require you to go into remote areas, the more secluded and hard to get to the better. Locating the right growing spot may depend upon how many plants you intend to plant, while a handful of high quality seeds will always be easier to hide and disguise than a large commercial operation which obviously needs a bigger area.

Outdoor grown marijuana plants require large amounts of water, especially during the growing and early flowering phase, relying on the natural rainfall isn’t a method of watering for a large number of guerrilla growers, many others however will have to think about how they are going to give the plants enough water for their needs. Transporting large water containers to your guerrilla growing set up could be tiring as well as hard work, and will often start arousing suspicion should you be seen. Some of the best guerrilla growing set-up’s are close to a stream, river or water pool that you can use as a temporary supply of water for your plants needs. Be careful and stay aware in some of isolated and remote areas as wild animals including bears, lynx and deer may use the area as as their watering place and may decide you’re a threat.

Possibly the biggest benefit of growing marijuana and cannabis plants outside is the daily levels of free natural sunshine, and making sure your plants absorb as much as possible guarantees better development, stronger plants capable of producing larger buds. Strong and direct sunlight for as much of the day as possible, especially throughout the later half of the day when the sunlight is at it’s strongest provides plenty of energy for the plant, remember camouflaging and disguising the area should also be considered. Where possible, provide camouflage beside the plant, leaving the plant exposed to the powerful afternoon sunshine to achieve maximum energy while still providing protection.

Big open areas might offer unshaded access to long hours of sunlight, however it offers little protection from the Summer storms and the strong winds experienced in many states of the United States of America. Plants produced over a whole season will grow very tall and bushy, sometimes achieving over 2 meters in height. Heavy cola’s and buds can generate stress against the plant’s main stem or side branches, and can break or snap off if the plants are subjected to strong winds. Often the winds come from an identical direction, and finding a good location that offers a natural defense from them may offer some protection for your plants and buds until harvest.

Key Growing Points and Considerations

Locate your guerrilla grow away from recreational areas, walked paths and public view, in a remote, seldom visited location.

Water is heavy and carrying it to your guerrilla grow site would be tiresome and could arouse suspicion. Relying on rainfall could be costly, so select a location close to a good, clean water supply.

Strong, direct sunlight, especially during the afternoon provides the energy the plants need for vigorous growth. Try to leave this side of the plant exposed for maximum light penetration.

Marijuana plants exposed to strong winds can easily break, especially when heavy with buds. Try to find some natural protection for your plants.

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