Growing Marijuana Outdoors In California

Growing Marijuana In California

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With it’s relaxed approach to possessing and growing marijuana in California, many people are now taking advantage of the changing laws and starting to grow their own marijuana in California for both medicinal and recreational use. Although California had an active medical marijuana program already in place, the changes in the law allowed all residents over the age of twenty-one to legally buy marijuana seeds in California and begin growing their own plants.

For many people, planting marijuana seeds outside, either directly into the soil, or in a pot, is their first experience of growing marijuana , and while some growers go on to develop indoor growing rooms and purpose built areas, others prefer to focus on planting marijuana seeds outdoors during the growing season to provide for their needs. Indoor growing rooms are able to create almost any conditions, and are usually well lit and ventilated to provide the best environment possible. Outdoor growers however have to rely on nature to supply more of the plants needs, and so must consider a range of different options.

Temperature and the climate plays a considerable part in the growth and development of marijuana seeds, and strains need to be purchased that are able to grow well outdoors in your growing area. Although you should buy marijuana seeds that appeal to your preferences and requirements, when they are grown outside they will require a long enough flowering period to achieve complete maturity, before the growing season begins to end and mold begins to develop.

Temperature, length of season and the number of average daylight hours all need to be considered when growing marijuana seeds outside, and so choosing the best strains that can fully grow, flower and mature naturally, and before the onset of the first frosts, is an important part in strain selection. Marijuana seeds that have dominant Sativa genetics generally grow much taller often requiring a longer flowering period, these strains are perfect for warmer, southern states, but unlikely to fully mature grown in cooler, northern states. However Indica varieties are more compact with a much faster flowering phase and so can often mature in lower temperatures and stronger winds.

A lot of growers are buying autoflowering marijuana seeds in California for their Summer grow. Very simple, easy to grow, and able to flower, bud and completely mature, whatever hours of daylight or darkness they receive, making them the best marijuana seeds for discreet, outdoor Summer growing. Autoflowering marijuana strains are often referred to as ‘throw-and-grow’ usually being one of the easiest forms of marijuana to grow. Their ability to develop and flower simultaneously reduces the overall time needed from seed to maturity and can be harvested after approximately twelve weeks from germination. Although the yields are very much smaller, the ease and speed that these plants grow, allows for many smaller harvests from as soon as the middle of July onward.

Sowing a variety of autoflowering, Indica and some longer flowering Sativa dominant strains early in the season can often generate an abundance of potent and high quality marijuana buds throughout the second half of the Summer and early Fall. Cannabis growers living in southern states enjoy a much longer growing season then growers who live towards the north, and so their cannabis seed selection should take this into account. Autoflowering seeds might be the only option to grow marijuana in colder northern states, while southern outdoor growers plant autoflowering seeds and strains for quick harvests over their longer growing season, often achieving multiple harvests using feminized autoflowering marijuana seeds, instead of producing one crop of large plants towards the end of September, beginning of October.


Buy California Dream Marijuana Seeds


California Dream Medical Marijuana seeds generate strong, hybrid plants that contain both Indica and Sativa genetics. Originally created in California, these special Cannabis seeds were subsequently transferred to Holland to be feminized and distributed.

Buy California Dream SeedsA very potent Cannabis and Marijuana strain containing 70% Indica and 30% Sativa genetics, derived from its Mexican Sativa and Afghan parentage, California Dream produces a dreamy high and relaxing body-buzz.

Perfectly suited by both indoor and outdoor growing techniques, California Dream seeds are a great choice for all but the total beginner. They perform well in soil, even better in hydroponic systems, creating tall, heavy yielding plants in a very short period of time.

Totally 100% female, devoid of any male genes, these feminized Cannabis seeds are guaranteed female-only, producing the finest plants with all the traits and attributes you expect from this strain. Hand-selected and packaged, all the seeds sold are guaranteed to germinate under the I Love Growing Marijuana germination guarantee, no males, no ‘dud’ seeds…GUARANTEED!

The Mexican Sativa influences can produce a very tall plant, depending upon growing conditions. Outdoor growers with a lengthy vegetative period can expect tall, tree-like plants can can reach up to 240 cm tall by complete maturity. While indoor growers should reduce the vegetative period to just a few weeks to accommodate the flowering stretch. Long lateral branches make it a perfect choice for SCROG growing, where the stretch can be controlled to create an even canopy.

California Dream Medical Marijuana seeds are capable of yielding up to 600 grams of high quality, dried Cannabis buds per square meter under controlled conditions. Indoor yields can be maximized using a variety of techniques including; super-cropping, bending and topping, while outdoor growers will enjoy heavy harvests per plant, especially if they have enjoyed a longer vegetative period.

If you would like to learn more about increasing the yield from your Marijuana plants, have the techniques mentioned above covered in more details, or generally read in-depth reports and methods of growing Marijuana seeds, why not download the free Ebook below. Totally free and without obligation, you can learn many of the methods used by professional ‘cash-crop’ growers.

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California Dream has a short flowering cycle, requiring approximately 56 days for the buds to fully form and mature. The dominant India genetics produce dense, swollen buds with a pungent earthy-pine aroma and subtle flavor. The buds are large, with swollen calyxes and a heavy coating of resin. Above average flavor and aroma add to its great ‘bag-appeal’.

California Dream Medical Marijuana produces a relaxing, happy feeling that be can very uplifting and euphoric. An extremely high THC content of approximately 24%, combined with high CBD levels generate a long lasting cerebral high, without the lethargic feeling that many Indica Cannabis hybrids produce. A great choice for socializing with friends and daytime use.

California Dream Marijuana is often enjoyed by recreational users for its powerful euphoric effects, however it also has a range of medical purposes, and is a favorite in many West Coast Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. California Dream Medical Marijuana has been known to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, while its energizing high can also help ease fatigue and pain.

You can buy California Dream Medical Marijuana seeds in packs of 5, 10 and 20 feminized seeds. World-wide postage and super-stealth packaging are included in the price, and delivery is guaranteed. To find out more about buying marijuana seeds in California online, click below.

Buy Marijuana Seeds In California

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