Grow Your Own Medical Marijuana With CBD Seeds

CBD and Medical Marijuana Seeds

CBD Medical Marijuana Seeds

What Is CBD?

Until it’s prohibition in the 1940’s, cannabis and marijuana (the same plant, different name) had been considered a form of natural medicine by many civilisations for centuries. A well-known relaxant, it was also used as a natural pain-killing agent and a form of ‘tonic’ to improve a person’s health and well-being.

It wasn’t until the last fifty years that biologists and botanists began to study marijuana strains and realized that they contained many compounds, the two primary being THC, which induces feelings of euphoria and being ‘high’, and CBD, which, later studies showed, contained possible medicinal properties and benefits.

During the 1980’s and onward, the rise in popularity for marijuana focused mainly on creating more potent, powerful strains with high levels of THC and low CBD levels. Increasing the CBD content in these strains would reduce the potency of the THC, and as the demand for recreational marijuana was highly popular, and little thought was being given to the medicinal properties and benefits a strain could offer, many of the strains developed at the time had very low CBD levels, reducing any medical benefits to a minimum.

However, demand changes, from the ‘Land-race’ weak strains enjoyed by the ‘hippies’ of the ’60’s and 70’s, to the potent hybrid and skunk strains developed in the 1980’s and ’90’s, and are changing again, as more and more reports are showing a direct link to CBD and the reduction in some illnesses, conditions and ailments, the demand for ‘healthy’ marijuana has also increased.

Ten years ago it was unheard of to advertise marijuana by-products, now it’s common to see advertisements for CBD oil on the television, in magazines and online. All CBD comes from marijuana, whether it contains THC or not. Buying good quality CBD oil can expensive, while buying the right seeds and growing your own CBD enriched marijuana can be relatively cheap, and, as more countries legalize the use of marijuana and particularly medical marijuana, demand for feminized CBD marijuana seeds has increased.

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Medical Uses For CBD

Over the next decades will we discover more about the medical benefits of CBD than ever before. With the social stigma of using marijuana now removed due to the legalization of marijuana and medical marijuana in many countries. more tests, studies and study-subjects are available to enable greater research, understanding and development into CBD and marijuana strains.

While more research and study is needed to ascertain the true medical value of CBD, many reports are concluding a direct correlation between the reduction of certain conditions and the use of CBD. One of the most studied and agreed upon is the use of CBD to reduce fits and seizures. Even before states such as Colorado, Washington and California legalized the use of cannabis, Medical marijuana with high CBD and extremely low THC levels was legally permitted for Epilepsy suffers,  having proven to reduce fits and seizures.

Until long-term studies are undertaken, the exact medical benefits of CBD are difficult to gauge. It’s rise in popularity is in part due to its success in reducing joint and muscular pain, acting as a good pain-killing agent against arthritis. Many of the people now taking CBD oil would never dream of smoking marijuana and are often from the ‘anti-drugs’ generation, brought up on pharmaceutical tablets to make the large corporations money, when growing your own medicine is almost free.

Alleviating mood swings, stress, anxiety and depression is another documented use of CBD, as well as being known to reduce ADHD and PTSD in sufferers. There are many documented cases of marijuana and CBD helping to reduce a patients symptoms and aid recovery and more studies from the medical and scientific community are needed to clarify these initial findings.

Buying CBD Seeds

You can grow your own CBD rich marijuana quickly and cheaply, regardless of your level of experience. Even if you have never grown marijuana plants and have little gardening skill, producing your own medical marijuana buds can be quick, easy and cheap, if you select and buy CBD seeds online from a good, reputable supplier.

With many of the CBD seeds now producing equal amounts of both THC and CBD, recreational and medicinal users alike can enjoy the full benefits on offer without sacrificing the happy, euphoric feelings often associated with marijuana. Alternatively, those medicinal users that do not wish to feel ‘high’ can select from a variety of seeds with a less than a 1% THC ratio, generating virtually no ‘high’ at all and legal in many American States and countries as purely medicinal marijuana and Hemp.

With a wide variety of CBD seeds available, click below and choose from the strains that suit your needs best.

High CBD Low THC Seeds For Medical Use


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