Gold Leaf Seeds

Gold Leaf Seeds


Gold Leaf seeds are a 60% Indica dominant strain with a 40% Sativa influence. Robert Bergman’s own special blend has created a tall, Sativa-style plant, with big yields of extremely strong Marijuana buds.

A fabulous Marijuana strain for outdoor growers where the plants can grow to their full potential of between 100 cm – 225 cm tall, as well as being a great strain for growing indoors using the Screen – Of – Green technique or other height reducing, yield increasing, super – cropping techniques.

Although Gold Leaf seeds are predominately Indica, it’s the Sativa heritage that produces this incredible stretch in height at the beginning of flowering, this stretch produces the long, swollen cola’s, producing dense buds and heavy yields covered in golden yellow hairs.

Yields are high, between 450 – 650 grams per square meter Flowering times are relatively short at approximately 63 days required for the plant to completely mature.

The marijuana plants produced from Gold Leaf seeds have a high THC level, approximately 21%, which leaves you feeling relaxed and euphoric, relieving stress, anxiety and insomnia.

All Gold Leaf seeds are feminized Marijuana seeds, so each seed germinates and grows into female only plants.

Cannabis is essentially a product that is made straight from the plant, Cannabis Sativa. The plant is normally grown in a lot more tropical climates, but can be produced proficiently indoors nearly anywhere.

Marijuana is produced in three common varieties: cannabis buds, hashish in solid form, and hash oil. Cannabis is created via a procedure of drying the plant€™s flowers although hashish is actually secreted from the plant itself. Any type of marijuana is replete with the psychoactive component known as THC, but cannabis oil is certainly the most powerful of all. In large part, nevertheless, most people will experience cannabis via the act of smoking.

Despite the fact that detractors try to make you believe that marijuana is a universally bad drug, it’€™s actually one of the most safe drugs available. A part of the stigma connected to marijuana is that it is illegal. Alcohol is far likely to be impairing than marijuana has ever been, but it still continues to be freely offered and drunk.

Cannabis is not addictive nor has it ever been liable for any overdose-related fatalities. It has a wide assortment of medical indications as well as a definitive recreational benefit. It also doesn’t trigger aggression or belligerent behavior and can be described virtually as an introspective drug. All in all, cannabis is possibly safer than most prescription drugs and other legal drugs freely obtainable to the people.

For numerous folks, marijuana has practically an instantaneous result on their state of mind. When smoked, it can deliver an altered state of consciousness inside seconds after the initial puff.

Of course, inexperienced users might encounter the reverse of the general reaction. Most men and women look for marijuana for it’s euphoric feeling, but sometimes that sensation will turn into a heightened feeling of nervousness or worry. This sensation can put off any later use, but its effects are short term. It’s also good to notice the importance of your feelings and the setting in which you are using the drug. Cannabis is unquestionably one of the safest medications but can have adverse outcomes on certain folks.

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