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Purple Kush


Purple Kush is an extremely versatile Marijuana plant, that is capable of producing high quality Marijuana  indoors and outdoors for both novice and experienced growers alike. Purple Kush Seeds perform very well in a screen of green (SCROG), or sea of green (SOG) setup due their squat growth pattern and limited height.

As maturity approaches,  Purple Kush  plants  form tight chunky nuggets with hints of purple in the tips of the calyxes, as well as a soft pine bouquet, with a sweet, grape-like taste. Producing high THC levels formed with a very frosty veneer of glands,  pleasing both Indica connoisseurs and hash lovers. When smoked, inhaled or ingested, Purple Kush produces a strong high, followed by a deep stoned effect, often making the user drowsy and couch locked.

A well known form of Medical Marijuana, Purple Kush is of most medicinal value when it comes to treating chronic pains and inflamations, together with insomnia and other conditions. See the chart below for the complete medical uses of Purple Kush Marijuana.

Patient Feedback and Purple Kush Marijuana Attributes.

Medical Effects of Purple Kush.


Reported Medical Effects of Purple Kush Marijuana.

Medical Effects of Purple Kush.


Negative Side-Effects from Purple Kush Marijuana.

Reported Side-Effects from Purple Kush Marijuana.


Purple Kush, although originally from California, have become a firm favorite across the world. British Colombia, are one of the biggest producers,  producing stable, high quality Marijuana plants, heavy with resin and an acrid hash-like taste. Purple Kush is a firm favorite for many BC Bud smokers.

Purple Kush is a powerful psychoactive form of Indica Marijuana, capable of inducing a long-lasting high of approximately an hour, followed by a reported fuzzy, haze feeling for many hours to come.Purple Kush is often described as one of the most genuine Indica’s within the Marijuana strains, although several varieties do contain hints of a deep sativa parentage, and can now be purchased as an Autoflowering variety.

Purple Kush is most commonly known for the distinctive purple hue that colors the buds as they approach maturity. Once harvested and throughly dried and cured, this wonderful Kush strain produces a dense, strong smoke, with an undeniable taste that once experienced is rarely forgot. Together with exceptionally high THC levels and an ease to grow that will satisfy even the laziest of gardener, it is not surprising that so many of us American’s enjoy both growing and smoking the real deal…..Purple Kush.


Purple Kush Review.


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