Drying Of Your Marijuana Seeds

Getting High Quality Buds When Harvesting Marijuana Seeds

After waiting a couple of months for your MarijuanaCannabis Seeds to attain their complete Maturity and benefits, the time to harvest them has now finally arrived. Here are several suggestions and harvesting strategies that can help in gaining the very best potency, taste and smell from your matured Marijuana Seeds.

How To Flush Marijuana
Flushing is begun at the completion of the flowering phase of your Marijuana plants, and roughly two weeks prior to the harvest. It is necessary so that any of the chemical compounds, salts and impurities that may have built up or been deposited in your buds will be reduced or completely flushed out.

1 of the main causes of poor tasting Cannabis is due to the plant retaining nitrogen within its cells. This can make the Marijuana harsh to smoke, so flushing or feeding your plants pure clean water during this time reduces the plants stored nitrates.

The positive effects acquired from flushing your crop before harvest consist of a marked enhancement in the taste of your Purple Kush, as well as an increased bouquet and longer lasting high. These enhancements are frequently caused by the Marijuana plant increasing resin production in a final effort to attract male pollen and fertilize itself, using up its last resources of stored nutrients to do so.

How To Dry Your Marijuana
Drying is performed by trimming the Purple Kush Seeds of all its larger shade leaves, and then hanging the plant or branches upside down in a darkened space with sufficient ventilation. It is essential that as soon as you have cut your Cannabis plants, they are exposed to as minimal daylight, or immediate sources of bright light as possible, as this will decrease the overall potency of the dried buds.

How To Cure Cannabis
As soon as the Marijuana buds have completely dried, the time is right to start curing your Cannabis. This is carried out by storing them within glass or plastic jars,, or any other airtight containers. Leave them there for one to two weeks, making certain that you open the jar or containers at least once a day to permit the air to be replenished.

Properly cured Marijuana will be nice to break and crumble, whilst retaining just sufficient amounts of moisture to keep its density. If the Cannabis crumbles into dust, it has not been dried and cured properly. Similarly, if it is sealed into plastic bags prior to it is totally cured, it will get back some of its moisture and appear un-smokable to the user.

Exactly where To Store Cannabis
As soon as the curing procedure is completed, which might take in between 7 – fourteen days, your Marijuana will have attained all the tastes, attributes and smells related with any highly popular Cannabis Seeds. As soon as the process has finished, cured buds will be tasty and of the right texture and density.

Your buds can now be stored in any type of sealed container and left until required, correctly dried and cured Marijuana can be stored for substantial periods of time without any reduction in properties or potency.

How To Get Much more Purple From Purple Kush Seeds
Many people have noticed Marijuana buds that variety from a mild blue and purple hue, through to total buds that glow deep purple and wish to produce Purple Kush Cannabis that attain and grow similar features.

Whilst 1 of the main specifications for creating the purple coloring is held in the genetic foundations of the seeds, there is a simple trick that you can carry out when harvesting your Purple Kush Marijuana to increase their purple appearance significantly. Learn that suggestion and many others free with our Purple Kush Seeds Growing Guide, click below to discover more.

Growing Guide

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