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DNA Genetics Seeds are one of the very best suppliers of quality American Cannabis Seeds, although now based in Holland, DNA Genetics Seeds was initially established in the United States of America, with a focus on producing high quality Marijuana Seeds to the American Medical Marijuana community.

With a back catalogue containing more than 50 registered seeds of Marijuana and Cannabis, DNA Genetics Seeds may be one of the biggest and best awarded American Seed Banks. Offering a expanding variety of Medical and unique strains, and by crossing their own Cannabis and Marijuana genetics, introduced to some of the most sought after and purchased Cannabis varieties currently available, DNA Genetics Seeds strive constantly to improve their Cannabis and Marijuana Seeds collection.

The Summer of 2013 has witnessed released for sale, three new and unique Marijuana and Cannabis Seeds from DNA Genetics Seeds which adds to their already impressive choice. Below is a short review of the new Cannabis Seeds from DNA Genetics Seeds.

New Strains From DNA Genetics Seeds


DNA Genetics Seeds Chocolate Fondue

From DNA Genetics Seeds comes Chocolate Fondue, is a Sativa dominant hybrid comprising of two of the very best and most popular strains of Cannabis currently available. using selective breeding from both the Exodus UK Cheese and DNA Genetics Chocolope, a melting combination consisting of the very best Cannabis genes was born.

The UK Cheese clone , known as the Exodus Cheese is the original hybrid enjoyed throughout Europe and especially Great Britain contained in many cheese strains. Available only in clone form, the Exodus Cheese Cannabis is unavailable as an F1 hybrid, this is because there are no true males of this strain. But, many Marijuana and Cannabis Seed breeders and company’s have included Exodus Cheese as the mother, and pollinated it with their own most popular strain.

Over the last few years the popularity of Cheese strains has increased in the United States of America and because of this DNA Genetics Seeds, possibly the most awarded and popular producer of American Cannabis Seeds have created a new new hybrid strain containing both the Exodus Cheese and their own Chocolope.

DNA Genetics Chocolate Fondue some of the best characteristics of both the Exodus Cheese and Chocolope. forming a Sativa dominant strain, the influence of the Cheese Indica Cannabis genetics has reduced the maturing time to between 54 and 63 days, perfect for indoor Cannabis gardeners.

Harvests and yields from Exodus Cheese has been improved due to the inclusion of DNA Genetics Chocolope, with more of the Sativa Cannabis genetics have been included, returning returns of between 500-600 grams per square meter perfect for growing using a Screen-of-Green or Sea-of-Green system.

If you choose to grow DNA Genetics Seeds Chocolate Fondue expect good yields in short times containing a chocolate and cheese flavor and aroma. A great Cannabis seed for either experienced or novice growers alike, accepting heavy nutrients and returning mouth watering harvests of high quality Marijuana and Cannabis, offering a superb mind and body stimulation and relaxant, ideal for either night or daytime smoking.

DNA Genetics Seeds OG LA Affie

OG LA Affie from DNA Genetics is the original and genuine LA Affie, providing a fantastic Medical Marijuana smoke, perfect for eliminating insomnia as well as relieving pain. Extremely strong and psychedelic, OG LA Affie is potent, but with an energetic stone.

OG LA Affie is mainly an Indica Marijuana strain and needs only a short flowering time of between 7-8 weeks to completely grow and mature. There are two phenotypes produced by these seeds seeds both very potent and popular.

This is a fantastic Cannabis strain for beginners as well as the more experienced growers as well, enjoying large quantities of nutrients, so reducing the risks of over-feeding for beginners.

OG LA Affie is best suited with a few weeks of of vegetativegrowth time in order to develop strong bud bearing branches, and is best grown in a Screen-of-Green (Scrog) indoor growing systems to ensure the best yield possible.

DNA Genetics Seeds OG LA Affie is a classic Kush variety containing the unique smell and taste of the LA varieties.

NEW DNA Genetics Seeds LA Chocolate Marijuana Seeds

DNA Genetics Seeds LA Chocolat is a hybrid combination comprising of two of the most popular and highest awarded Cannabis Seeds from DNA Genetics Seeds, Chocolope and LA Confidential. These highly sought after strains of Marijuana have combined to produce one of the best seeds DNA Genetics Seeds have produced, available as Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

Both Chocolope and LA Confidential have considerable attributes, Chocolope is is often grown for its high yields, a highly valued and popular cash-crop variety. LA Confidential is regarded as one of the most powerful types of Medical Marijuana currently available from the Medical Marijuana dispensaries, commanding some of the highest prices in the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.

Through selective breeding and by identifying the right phenotype, DNA Genetics Seeds LA Chocolat provides abundant yields of very strong, medical grade Marijuana.

Requiring a flowering period of just eight weeks, or fifty-six days, DNA Genetics Seeds LA Chocolat is a quick flowering feminized Cannabis seed producing a high bud to leaf ratio, perfect for Sea-of-Green techniques.

Overal height is easily managed, mainly because of the decreased stretching by selecting the phenotype with the LA Confidential growing structure, and grown in a Sea-of-Green system will easily produce large harvests of high quality Cannabis buds.

Once completely matured, only needing eight weeks, fast enough even for the most impatient Marijuana gardener, DNA Genetics Seeds LA Chocolate keeps the deep earthy, rich chocolate taste and aroma often associated with DNA Genetics Seeds Chocolope, while including its fruity underlying taste produced by the the DNA Genetics LA Confidential.

Reports show that DNA Genetics Seeds LA Chocolat is a recommended Medical Marijuana strain that is used for pain relief and acts as an appetite stimulation for both cancer and chemotherapy patients.

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