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DNA Genetics Chocolope

DNA Genetics Chocolope

DNA Genetics Chocolope is reminiscent of the classic Thai strains. Introducing added vitality and a reduction in the overall flowering time, DNA Genetics Chocolope is a predominately Sativa strain, containing just 5% Indica genetics.

The breeding of Chocolope is the result of crossing DNA Genetics own Cannalope, a fast-flowering Sativa, bred with a Thai Chocolate female. The selected seeds produced a very unique and special flavor,offering a combination of the chocolate tasting Thai with the sweet fruity flavor of the Cannalope. This combination, together with the combining of the two parent names, gave rise to the name,

DNA Genetics Chocolope

DNA Genetics Chocolope

DNA Genetics Chocolope

DNA Genetics Chocolope is an easy Marijuana plant to grow, especially in comparison to the original Chocolate Thai strains.

A great strain for growing in soil, CoCo Coir, Pebbles or any other form of hydroponic indoor growing, and can easily accept a variety of nutrients at a range of strengths, making it a great strain for many Novice or beginners.

Grown individually, Chocolope excels when allowed three to fourweeks vegative growth time, allowing its long branches to develop and spread out. Grown in this manner, DNA Genetics Chocolope will require height and space, but can produce 100 grams of high quality Marijuana per plant.

If height and space are an issue, consider growing 25 seedlings in a meter square area, limit growth to just a week and then force them to flower. Applying this Sea-Of-Green system is perfect for Chocolope, and reduces the spread and height issues that can arise. Harvests of 400-600 grams per square meter, depending upon experience.

The effects from Chocolope is a dreamy, euphoric Chocolope is very strong and powerful, like many of the DNA Genetics strains and is often prescribed for sufferers of nervousness and anxiety, as well as an appetite inducer ( You really get the munchies smoking Chocolope!)

However, for some, DNA Genetics Chocolope can induce feelings of paranoia and a mild psychedelic feeling, and so sufferers of these conditions are adviced that the THC levels may be slightly high for them, and they should look for a better strain to suit their needs.

For smokers not suffering from paranoia, have reported euphoric feelings and a enhanced sense of humor, leading to almost comical reactions. If you like your Marijuana strong and tasty, while still quite easy to grow, Chocolope provides a change from the more standard strains available.

VegPage are the best promoter of the finest Marijuana Seeds, DNA Genetics Chocolope offers the best in fast maturing genetics, while maintaining its original Thai genetics. DNA Genetics Chocolope are supplied in complete packets of 6 or 13 feminized or regular Marijuana Seeds, alternatively why not consider purchasing them as part of your Single Seed collection.

VegPage supply access to the complete collection from DNA Genetics, if you’re looking for the best in West Coast Marijuana Seeds visit their DNA Genetics page and discover the best selections of Marijuana Seeds, including DNA Genetics Chocolope.

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