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OG Kush Seeds are now available in a wide number of varieties, all unique and highly sort after. Although the OG Kush Marijuana strains are known around the world, it’s in the USA where it is most popular, forming a large percentage of many Medical Marijuana collections. If you are searching for, high quality OG Kush seeds, two companies with shared parentage spring to mind, Reserva Privada and DNA Genetics. Producing some of the most prized and sought after OG Kush, Read a short review of some of the most popular OG Kush seeds and strains from the very best and highest awarded Marijuana Seed breeders.
OG Kush Collection
The Best OG Kush Seeds

Reserva Privada and DNA Genetics are both USA West Coast Marijuana Seed producers who hold extensive collections of OG Kush Seeds. With a wide variety of seeds, ranging from the original OG Kush to a collection of high quality hybrids, each supplying a variation on the taste, quality and aroma while keeping the very best quality. Both DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada supply many of their Marijuana seeds as either Feminized 6 seed packets and 13 Regular Marijuana seed packs, offering you one extra feminized Marijuana seed, and 3 free Regular Marijuana Seeds for the advertised price instead of the more customary five and ten seed packets supplied.

The Reserva Privada Kosher Kush is a classic indica providing an average yield, dependant upon the length of vegative time it is allowed. Easy to grow, this is an ideal cannabis strain for novice and veteran alike, with an ability to intake moderate to heavy nutrient compounds. This ability reduces the rick of over feeding your plants, or nitrogen burn.

Although the final and overall yield obtain from the Kosher Kush was only average, it did have a very good bud to leaf ratio. This makes the tedious task of manicuring your finished Kosher Kush Cannabis plants from Reserva Privada a lot less time consuming when it is time to harvest.

Although not a true OG Kush strain, DNA Genetics LA Confidential has its genetics heavily based in the OG Kush genetic line. One of the most heavily awarded and most popular pure Medical Marijuana stain, it’s well-known for its pain relieve and elimination of insomnia, this baby will knock you out!! Available as 6 or 13 Regular Marijuana seeds, and with a flowering period of between 7-8 weeks, this pure Indica produces reasonable yields of between 350-400 grams per square meter.

Bubba Kush.

One of the most popular hybrids of OG Kush is the Greenhouse Seeds Bubba Kush. A stable hybrid cross of Kush and Bubble Gum, the strain offers sweet tasting buds that supply a relaxing, pain killing effect when inhaled. Almost pure Indica, Bubba Kush is commonly found in many of the Medical Marijuana dispensaries and is often prescribed for many diet issues and illnesses, as it has a tendency to increase the appetite.

There are several other varieties and unique crosses of OG Kush, giving a complete collection of aromas and flavors from the fruit varieties such as Lemon, Blacberry and Grapefruit, to OG Kush crossed with Sour Diesel, one of the many, popular types of Marijuana available in the USA at present. VegPage, one of the most reputable and trusted of Medical Marijuana seeds direct to the USA, offer a wide assortment of OG Kush, as well as many other forms of Medical Marijuana seeds for discreet shipping, direct to America, Canada and all parts of Europe.

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OG Kush

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