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Chem dog history goes back to the day Joe Brand (aka ‘wonkanobe’) and Pbud met Chemdog for the 1st time and sold him an ounce of the best quality weed for $500.Chemdog was impressed and they swapped numbers and later arranged for two ounces of weed to be delivered to him on the east coast of America.Chem dog noticed one ounce was seedless and the other had 13 weed seeds which he kept.

In 1991 Chem dog decided to crack the first 4 seeds from these weed seeds, a male plant was found and got rid of (chem dog was only a young man, you can’t blame him). The other 3 weed seeds were females and tagged “Chem Dog” (now 91 chemdawg), “chemdog a” (now chemdawg’s sister), and “chem dog b”. In 2001 chemdog and his girlfriend decided to germinate 3 more weed seeds, tagged “c”, “d”, and “e”. The “e” weed seed never germinated, “c” turned out to be junk, and chem dog “d” was the winner. In 2006 chemdog and joe brand met up again and joe was handed 4 of the last 6 weed seeds: Chemdawg phenos 1-4, ’4′ being the chosen keeper. Joe thought the ’4′ was the best representation of the original and thus referred to as the ‘reunion pheno’.

Chem dog still has two weed seeds left in his collection. Chemdawg Crosses: – OG Kush (the original cut) came from an s1 found in a bag of 91 Chemdawg in the Lake Tahoe area in 1996. Sour Diesel aka ECSD came from an accidental cross of (91 Chemdawg x Mass Super Skunk/NL)x DNL after the DNL hermed and seeded the room. The DNL’s lineage is NL/Shiva x Hawaiian. – Original Diesel’ (also known as Diesel #1, Headband, Daywrecker Diesel, Underdawg) came from a cross of ’91 Chemdawg x (Mass Super Skunk x Sensi’s Northern Lights) done by a guy known as weasel. Chemdog and friends made several crosses that are currently held closely by a small group of breeders.

Latest Chem Dog Weed Seeds For Sale - Free Weed Seeds With Every Order

Latest Chem Dog Weed Seeds For Sale – Free Weed Seeds With Every Order

Chem Dog Greenhouse Seeds

Chem Dog Greenhouse Seeds Chem dog genetics are OG Kush and Sour Diesel,Chem dog is a very intense strain, intense in flavor and intense in the effect an extremely strong plant that can grow big producing up to 800gr/m2 in 9 weeks indoors.

Chem dog forms large crystalized buds that are very pungent with a distinct smell and appearance in flower, the smell starts invading your grow room a few weeks into their growth cycle,revealing the potential of what’s to come.This beautiful aroma will only intensify when their flowers start appearing,filling your house with unbelievable soothing smells,excellent flavor and long lasting powerful smoke Chem Dog is Not for the beginner.

Chem Dog Sour Diesel Seeds

Chem Dog Sour Diesel is a great yielding, stretchy strain that produces light green, frosty, sour flowers that have a pinkish coloring when totally mature. Chem Dog Sour Diesel is best if you let it mature for the full 10 weeks and then the full taste lingers in your mouth well after the exhale. It is recommended to pinch and bend the tops as she grows, this is because of the stretch that this Cannabis plant exhibits during flowering, this will also improve yields.

If height is an issue, you can still take advantage of this strains stretch in the first 3 weeks by putting your rooted clones directly into flower for a 3-4 foot finish or 1-1.3 meter finish.

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Chem Dog

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