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A last the lengthy wait is over and we can at last say Green House Seeds Flower Bomb Kush Seeds are in stock and available to buy. Provided for sale in packs of 3, 5 and 10 feminized Flower Bomb Kush seeds per packet with prices starting at just €26.99.
Since winning the top prize for their entry Flower Bomb Kush in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup, many people have wondered when Green House Seeds would release this champion to the Cannabis and Marijuana growing community. Mixing together the notorious Green Crack strain and traditional OG Kush Seeds, presented Green House Seeds with a wonderful and exciting new strain, a true champion Kush.

Flower Bomb Kush Seeds Review


Even though the information regarding these seeds may be a little limited, a number of growing trials have provided us with enough information to compile our Flower Bomb Kush review.

Whether an indoor or outdoor Marijuana grower, Flower Bomb Kush Seeds thrive in either environment due to its deep Indica Cannabis genetics. Sold in packs of various sizes, select from 3, 5 and 10 feminized Flower Bomb Kush Seeds per packet, both the hobby gardener, and the more serious commercial growers can now at last begin to grow last years Cannabis Cup winner.

By selecting the best seeds from the Green Crack and OG Kush pollination, Flower Bomb Kush produces a dark green, almost black Cannabis plant which displays Indica traits, remaining short and bush-like in structure, however, as the buds mature the branches will be weighed down by up to a Kilo of dried buds when grown outdoors, or, up to 800 grams of dried and manicured bud per square meter when grown under a 1000 watt HPS bulb.

Both the taste and smell of the buds is reminiscent of a classic OG Kush, while visually the cured buds look almost black, appearing dense, hard and completely coated in THC rich resin. Once completely dried and cured Flower Bomb Kush remain sticky to the touch and can produce a visual delight with their extremely large and swollen calyxes.

Once smoked or consumed, the high slams into your brain almost instantly, providing the user with a long lasting, strong and relaxing body stone that can be creative and entertaining.

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