Cannabis Is Getting Stronger In 2018

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Marijuana and cannabis have become more and more popular over the last 40 years, changing from the peace and love ‘hippy’ weed, to a new, more potent form. THC levels have increased substantially with the average content rising from approximately 7% – 12% to a huge 25% plus, making modern day strains extremely potent compared to the original land-race marijuana and cannabis that was available and grew naturally before genetic manipulation and cross pollination of the varies strains began.

Three Of The Strongest Marijuana Seeds 2018

The dramatic changes in the potency of marijuana began back in the 1980’s when a group of marijuana enthusiasts began pollinating one strain with another. Marijuana and cannabis can be divided into two categories, Sativa and Indica. While Sativa marijuana grows in hot countries situated close to the equator, Indica strains grow in more rugged environments such as the mountain regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. With the distances between them, the two types of marijuana never came into contact with on another.

However, from the mid 1980’s onward, marijuana breeders began to experiment with cross-breeding Sativa and Indica strains together, creating new species of hybrid marijuana that contained elements of both Sativa and Indica characteristics. This led to a dramatic breakthrough in marijuana and cannabis, and three distinct strains began to emerge as stable, popular new strains, White Widow, Northern Lights and Skunk #1. Over coming decades, these three strains would provide the backbone for many of the new and exciting strains that followed.

Combining Sativa and Indica marijuana plants together has proved to produce much stronger strains, with THC levels now up to 25% and more. Gone is the gentle ‘high’ created by the original Land-race strains, and in it’s place is a soaring ‘elevator-rush’ of a ‘high’ that many casual or light smokers can easily find overpowering and too strong for normal, everyday use. Depending upon the mix of Sativa and Indica within the strain, the effects can range from a soaring euphoria to a complete ‘couch-lock’ where the user can hardly move, feeling totally ‘out of it’.

Many of the strongest cannabis seeds in 2018 are more than three times stronger than the original strains from the past, and their effects more powerful and potent than ever before. As well as increasing the potency, many of these new strains have a far better flavor than ever, with strains such as Chemdawg, Cheese and Blueberry being used to provide tasty and unique flavors for the buds. Many of the new seeds are created purely for the indoor grower, a market that has increased substantially over the years.

Feminized strains have become the norm for indoor growers, marijuana seeds devoid of male chromosomes, guaranteed to produce pure female plants. Originally considered a gimmick, feminized seeds have become hugely popular and almost every new strain created is now sold in feminized seed form, rather than its original male and female format. By guaranteeing that each plant is a female, capable of creating flowers and buds, more and more growers began growing indoors, developing methods and techniques which would enhance both the quality and overall yield from the plants. Cannabis seeds were created specifically for the indoor grower, combining Indica and Sativa genes to produce potent strains, heavy, dense buds and a guaranteed harvest from every plant.

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Strongest Marijuana Seeds 2018

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