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OG Kush Seeds for sale online, providing the indoor grower the to grow some of the finest Weed possible. Discover the best breeders and cheapest prices for all the best OG Kush Seeds online.

Originally created and established in California, OG Kush Seeds quickly secured a position as on of the preferred Marijuana strains for both indoor and outdoor Marijuana growers. With its distinct aroma and flavor, OG Kush soon become known across the globe, as well as remaining one of the favored and desired Marijuana strains of the Marijuana Dispensaries, due to its long lasting and powerful Indica high.

Both the name and the true genetics of OG kush Seeds in set in mystery and rumor. While many agree that true OG Kush Seeds contain the original genetics of Chem-dawg, mystery surrounds the other parent, suggested influences include Hindu and Pakistani Kush, together with Lemon Thai, all playing a part.

Even the name OG Kush Seeds is not without confusion, while some consider the origins of the name to have come from the California Rap stars enjoyment of the smoke, and so naming it OG (Original Gansta) while others agree it is an old reference regarding where it was originally cultivated and grown, Ocean Grown, by the Californian Ocean.

Whatever the origins of the name, one thing that is agreed upon is the perfect quality of  OG Kush Seeds which produce some of the very best Marijuana available. Supplying the smoker a truly unique high and taste that is hard to beat by any other Marijuana strain.

Many of the most popular modern seeds have shared genetics with OG Kush Seeds, the powerful, relaxing high, together with its own very unique flavor have been introduced into many seeds, creating new tastes and highs, suitable for all needs and requirements. Having said that, sometimes you just want the real thing, and that means buying OG Kush Seeds from a reputable source.

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Reserva Privada OG Kush Seeds

Originally formed on the West Coast, DNA Genetics Seeds moved in the heart of the Cannabis world, Amsterdam in the early part of 2003 building a high quality reputation for producing stable Marijuana Seeds. Since then they have successful promoted their high quality reputation and collection of seeds to a wider market This move became totally successful and promoted their catologe of DNA Genetics Seeds to a much bigger market

OG Kush Seeds are available from several Marijuana Seed breeders, however many smokers and growers consider Reserva Privada and DNA Genetics, their Sister company, supply the very best choice of stable, uniform OG Kush Seeds. Thought by many to be the true OG Kush, even possibly an original Chem Dawg cut that has been acquired and bred, Reserva Privada OG Kush Seeds are some of the best selling Marijuana Seeds in the United States.

With harvests of between 400-500 grams per square meter, depending upon growing conditions and the environment it is grown in, Reserva Privada OG Kush Seeds offer a powerful but creative high, that can be very stimulating, endorsing its Sativa genetics.

Marijuana Seeds, including all the best OG Kush Seeds collection from the most sought after breeders can be discreetly and quickly shipped to any address in the United States of America for your own personal use. Discover more about the best Medical Marijuana seeds and strains right here, and then have them shipped directly to your nominated address, no-matter where in the world you live. We guaranteed quality and freshness, and the very best Feminized and Regular Marijuana Seeds currently available, we can provide you with an endless world of, with the most ppular Sativa’s, Indica’s and cross-breeds from all across the planet. Locate the new Marijuana Seeds and strains from Seed Suppliers like Big Buddha, DNA Genetics,Ace Seeds andBarney’s Farm. Combined with a guarantee of the lowest prices, together with a lot of free Marijuana Seed giveaway’s, purchasing genuine, high quality and real Marijuana Seeds has never been easier to do.

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