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You can buy OG Kush Seeds online at the very best prices, providing the indoor Marijuana grower the to grow many of the finest strains available. Find the best suppliers and cheapest prices for all the very best OG Kush Seeds online.

Created in California, it did not take very long for OG Kush Seeds to become a firm favorite within the local growing community. With its distinctive aroma and taste, OG Kush has become a firm favorite around the world, while remaining one of the most popular and desired Marijuana strains of the Marijuana Dispensaries, due to its long lasting and powerful Indica high.

The genetic base of OG Kush Seeds is as steeped in mystery and confusion as the very name itself. Almost all Marijuana purists agree that the original genetics are part Chem Dawg, mystery surrounds the other parent, with influences including Hindu and Pakistani Kush, together with Lemon Thai, all playing a part.

Even the name OG Kush Seeds is not without confusion, while some consider the origins of the name to have come from the California Rap stars enjoyment of the smoke, and so naming it OG (Original Gansta) for other people it is an old reference regarding where it was initially cultivated and grown, Ocean Grown, by the Californian Ocean.

Whatever the origins of the name, one thing that is agreed upon is the quality of  OG Kush Seeds which develop to become some of the very best Marijuana available. Giving the user a unique taste and high that is hard to beat by any other Marijuana strain.

Many of the most popular modern seeds have shared genetics with OG Kush Seeds, its distinct flavor and powerful high have been integrated and cross bred to form many new hybrids, creating new tastes and highs, suitable for all tastes and requirements. However, sometimes you just want the real deal, and that means buying OG Kush Seeds from a genuine source.

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Reserva Privada OG Kush Seeds

Although they began on the West Coast in California, DNA Genetics Seeds moved in the center of the Marijuana Seed business, Amsterdam in 2003 building a name for providing improved Marijuana Seeds. Since then they have successful promoted their high quality reputation and collection of both Regular and Feminized Marijuana Seeds to a wider market place The relocation became totally successful and aided in promoting the DNA Genetics Seeds to a far wider community

OG Kush Seeds are available from a variety of breeders, however many smokers and growers consider DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada, their Sister company, supply the best choice of stable, high-quality OG Kush Seeds. Considered by a large number of seasoned growers to be the real OG Kush, possibly even an original Chem Dawg cut that has been acquired and bred, Reserva Privada OG Kush Seeds remain some of the most popular Marijuana Seeds in America.

Supplying yields of approximately 400-500 grams per square meter, assuming good growing conditions and the environment it is grown in, Reserva Privada OG Kush Seeds offer a powerful but creative high, that can be very stimulating, endorsing the Sativa inheritance.

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