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Strawberry Cough Seeds can now be purchased from Dinafem Seeds, one of the most awarded and possibly best of all of the Cannabis Seeds Banks in Spain. First made in New York State, America, and from here the strain was transported to Dinafem’s grow laboratories and subsequently matured to create high quality feminized Strawberry Cough Seeds.

The strain has become a firm favorite with many of the European Marijuana and Cannabis growers, Strawberry Cough Seeds from Dinafem Seeds may now be purchased as either Single Seeds, or, alternatively in complete packets of 3, 5 and 10 feminized Cannabis Seeds.

Strawberry Cough Seeds Review

Strawberry Cough Seeds

Genetic Origin : Strawberry – Cough
Pack sizes : Packs of 1, 3, 5 & 10 Feminized Seeds
Available Seed Types : 100% Feminized Marijuana Seeds
Flowering Time : 65-70 days
Outdoor Harvest: End October
Yield : 625 grams per square meterĀ 
Height : Tall, outdoors can stretch upto 3 meters.
THC: High

Strawberry Cough Seeds from Dinafem are a Sativa based Cannabis strain combining a strong Haze Cough strain, with a Strawberry Indica Cannabis strain. Resulting in a hybrid Marijuana seeds contain both of the Indica and Sativa genetics.

Strawberry Cough Seeds from Dinafem are only available as feminized Marijuana Seeds, making them an ideal seed for both an indoor, and outdoor Marijuana gardener. With it’s dominant Sativa genes Strawberry Cough Seeds will grow vigorously and fast, achieving heights of up to 3 meters if grown outdoors naturally.

For indoor Screen-Of-Green growers Dinafem Strawberry Cough Seeds offer a quick growing Cannabis plant with short internodal spaces, perfect when producing a thick top canopy quickly! Flowering requires an average of 65 days and the extra wait will be rewarded with heavy indica buds with up to 625 grams per meter with the right conditions.

Once fully matured and harvested, Dinafem Strawberry Cough Seeds will not disappoint, giving a sweet and fruity flavor and aroma and clean, long-lasting Sativa induced high.

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You can buy Original Strawberry Cough Seeds at The Original Sensible Seeds Company, one of the most trusted and longest established online provider of Cannabis and Marijuana Seeds to the USA, Europe and now Canada. Get the best FREE Cannabis Seeds on every purchase and complete discretion, simply click below to learn more about Strawberry Cough Seeds.

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