Buy DNA Genetics Seeds Martian Mean Green

DNA Genetics Martian Mean Green

DNA Genetics Martian Mean Green

DNA Genetics Martian Mean Green

Initially formed on the Californian West Coast, DNA Genetics Seeds moved in the center of Amsterdam in the early part of 2003 building a high quality reputation for providing high quality Marijuana Seeds. Since then they have successful promoted their name and seed collection to a world market place The move was totally successful and assisted in promoting their DNA Genetics Seeds to a far bigger market

It didnt take long before people were growing DNA Genetics Seeds leading to their prestigious Marijuana available for sale in certain Coffeeshops in Amsterdam. In 2005, DNA Genetics Martian Mean Green took part and beat other seed producers to the much coverted 1st place in the 2005 Sativa category.

DNA Genetics Martian Mean Green

DNA Genetics Martian Mean Green

That was over 7 years ago now, since then DNA Genetics have added more to their seeds selection, not to mention winning a considerable amount of Awards, Cups and a large number of European Expos and Festivals, which include a subsequent 2 High Times Cups for Martian Mean Green.

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You can now buy DNA Genetics Martian Mean Green in either 6 or 13 seed packes. This is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner, displaying both an Sativa and an Indica genetic foundation. Heratige may be traced back to both DNA Genetics Sharksbreath, and the wll known G13.

DNA Genetics Sharksbreath is an Indica dominant based strain, growing short, sturdy plants. Ideal for indoor growing techniques maturing to form several densly coated colas. Extremely strong and considered a quality Medical Marijuana Strain.

G13 is a very popular strain with a few versions on how it actually became called the G13. That said, a wide number of the strongest Marijuana seeds contain genetics from the original, the closest of which is available at Sensi Seed Bank.

Martian Mean Green has always been considered one of the highest regarded in the DNA Genetics Seeds collection, supplying soaring, elevated highs, through the G13 basis, this strong Marijuana is a perfect solution for anxiety and stress relief, together with a mild form of pain relief. The high induces the user to feel happy and euphric, while remaining focused and creative. A highly sought after smoke for evening recreational use.

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