Buy DNA Genetics OG LA Affie and Review

DNA Genetics OG LA Affie

Genetic Origin : Afghan Bombay Kush
Pack sizes : 3 & 6 Feminized seeds
100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Flowering Period : 7 to 8 weeks indoor
Outdoor Harvest: September
Yield : Medium
Height: Medium

OG LA Affie from DNA Genetics is the genuine LA Affie, providing a great Medical Marijuana strain, perfect for eliminating insomnia as well as relieving pain. Extremely strong and psychedelic, OG LA Affie is potent, but with an energetic buzz.

OG LA Affie is primarily an Indica Cannabis Seed and needs only a short flowering period of between 7-8 weeks to fully maturity. There are two phenotypes produced by OG LA Affie seeds from DNA Genetics both very potent and popular.

A great strain for novice growers and the more experienced growers as well, enjoying large quantities of nutrients, so reducing the chances of over-feeding for beginners.

OG LA Affie is best suited when grown with a period of vegetativegrowth time in order to develop more lateral branches and sites, and is best grown in a Screen-of-Green (Scrog) indoor growing systems to ensure the best harvests possible.

DNA Genetics OG LA Affie is a classic Kush variety containing the unique flavour and aroma of the LA varieties.

You can buy DNA Genetics Seeds in complete packets of 3 and 6 feminized Cannabis Seeds

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